Walking Is the Most Underrated Form of Exercise — Why You Should Do It Everyday

Don't like working out at the gym? No problem. Here's why walking is actually one of the best forms of exercise out there.

I used to hate working out. Despite growing up playing a number of competitive sports, I always dreaded going to the gym. I didn’t understand friends or family members who loved “pumping iron” or working out so hard they could barely move the next day. What’s the fun in that?

Because of my hatred towards gyms, I neglected exercise for years. That is, however, until I fell in love with walking. Yes, walking.

walking during fall

I always thought walking was something only elderly people did for exercise. Truthfully, I never believed walking could even be considered “exercise.” But let me tell you, I was wrong.

Here is why walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercise out there–and why you should try to do it every single day:

It’s Low Impact

How many times have you heard stories of gym rats pulling muscles, tearing ligaments, or having to take weeks off from exercise because they’ve hurt themselves? Truthfully, I’ve heard it more times than I can count.

While intense workouts can lead to great results, they can also lead to serious injuries and health problems down the road. From knee issues to back pain, those brutal workouts aren’t always great on the body. 

Walking, on the other hand, is a low-impact exercise, so it doesn’t put too much stress on the knees, ankles, or back, and it’s good on the joints. Because of this, you could walk for two hours every day and feel great.

If you’ve dealt with injuries in the past, or want to prevent future injuries from happening, walking is a great way to move your body without doing harm.

Improves Mental Wellbeing 

walking in nature

While there are clear physical benefits to walking, there are also countless mental health benefits too. In fact, walking has been proven to improve creativity, reduce anxiety, and diminish signs of depression.

Simply put, it’s a great way to improve your mood. 

And, if you really want to feel better, go for a walk in nature! According to this study, going for a walk in nature has been proven to decrease “self-reported rumination” over negative thoughts.

It’s 100% Free

No need to pay hundreds of dollars for a gym membership or stock up on fancy equipment to reap the benefits of walking. All you need are some sneakers and you’re ready to go. While walking has clear health benefits, it’s also a great option for people who are looking to cut back on spending and want to save a chunk of change every month.

It Can Be Done Socially or Solo

walking with friends

Sure, you can do a workout class with a friend, but you don’t really get to talk with your friend during the class (unless you want to yell over the instructor and music).

Walking, on the other hand, is a great exercise to do with someone you want to connect with. You’ll be able to keep the conversation going because you won’t run out of breath, and you’ll also have enough time to really dive into deep discussions.

But, if you’re someone who enjoys working out alone, you can do that too! The beautiful thing about walking is you can truly do it however you want to do it. There are no rules, no instructions, and no judgment.

So, grab your walking shoes, put on your favorite music or podcast, and go out for a walk. You may enjoy it more than you think.

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