6 Exercise-Free Ways To Burn Calories

woman on couch burning calories
Burning calories isn't just about losing pounds, it's about maintaining a healthy weight. But if you're not in the mood to work out, don't sweat it. You can boost how many calories you burn in more subtle, less strenuous ways.

Obviously, exercise and a balanced diet are easy go-tos if for burning some calories. And it’s never a bad time to add healthier habits to your daily routine. But there’s a little more you can do that requires a lot less.

Here are 6 exercise-free ways to burn a few extra calories with ease.

Exposure to The Cold

According to medical science, exposure to cold temperatures can help boost your metabolic rate. In turn, you’ll burn calories. Getting chilly stimulates brown fat activity in your body. Your fat storage is mainly made up of white fat, but the difference is worth noting.

cold couple

White fat primarily stores energy. Brown fat, on the other hand, is there to maintain body heat. The effects of this strategy vary from person to person, but if you’re ready to burn some fat just by standing still, brave the cold.

Drinking Cold Water

When you drink water, it temporarily boosts your metabolism. Some studies show that if that water is cold, these effects are even more significant.

cold water

As you might’ve guessed by now, this strategy connects to the first one. When you drink cold water, your body undergoes a process of warming itself up, thus burning a little more calories.

Chewing Gum

We’ve all heard how chewing gum can make us feel fuller and help suppress the urge to reach for a snack. But it may also speed up your metabolism.


In various studies, people have been divided into two groups: people who chewed gum after a meal and people who didn’t. Those who chewed gum burnt more calories than those who did not, due to a more increased metabolic rate.

This is certainly an easy one to incorporate, but opt for sugar-free gum for the sake of your teeth.

Donating Blood

When you have blood drawn, it’s good for everyone involved. Not only are you helping someone, but you’re undergoing a detoxification process of sorts. In turn, you’re increasing the number of calories you burn, at least for the time being.

giving blood

As you lose blood, your body uses energy to create new proteins, red blood cells, and other replenishing blood components. Obviously, you can’t do this one every day. But if you’re able, it’s worth it at least once a year.

Other health benefits include lowering inflammatory markers, increasing antioxidant activity, and reducing your risk of heart disease.


You don’t have to do jumping jacks or go running to pick up your heart rate. More subtle forms of movement can boost your metabolism too. When you fidget, you’re moving body parts restlessly. Maybe you like to tap your fingers on a table, squirm in your seat, or twirl your hair.

No matter how you fidget, you’re burning something.


Of all the non-exercise activities that exist to burn calories, fidgeting is often deemed the best. According to Healthline, one study has shown that people who fidget while seated or standing burn five to six times more calories on a regular basis than those who sit or stand still.

So start fidgeting!

Laughing More Often

Laughter is not only the best medicine, it’s a tried and true calorie burner.

laughing women

When you have a good laugh, it causes a slight increase in your metabolic rate. Not to mention, studies suggest it does in fact improve overall mental and physical health, positively contributing to things like your memory and immune system.

While exercise may not be fun all the time, laughter will always be your best non-workout buddy.

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