Which ‘The Great’ Character Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

The Great
Enough horsing around! Read and find out which member of Catherine The Great's court you are based on your zodiac sign!

Hulu’s The Great is based on the “occasionally true” story of Catherine II of Russia, also known as Catherine The Great. The show is equal parts hilarious and horrifying and is a fun journey if you don’t let yourself get caught up in the historical inaccuracies.

But where do these characters fall on the zodiac list? Read on to find out which devilishly delightful character you share a sun sign with. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs too!

Just a warning, the show tends to be a bit graphic and contains strong language. So proceed with caution. Also, spoilers ahead!

Aries – Catherine The Great


The real-life Russian Empress was actually a Taurus, but the character from the show displays many traits of the cardinal fire sign. In the beginning, she has an Aries’ over-optimistic sentimentality in regards to her marriage to Peter III and her role as his wife. But as she is repeatedly mistreated by her husband and the court, a fire is lit within her to overthrow her husband and lead Russia into a new era. Which is a total Aries power move.

Taurus – Marial 


After I watched the first two episodes of The Great, all I could think was “Marial is totally a Taurus.” With her mom-friend energy, brazen tenacity, and her affinity for the creature comforts of her former, more affluent life, she could not be anything other than a Taurus. She exemplifies almost every single trait of a bawdy and bullheaded Taurean. 

Gemini – Leo Voronsky 


I know what you’re thinking. Shouldn’t Leo be a Leo? As the Russians would say, nyet! Gemini has the reputation for being the most poetic zodiac sign. And as any fan of the show would know, Leo Voronsky has the heart, mind, and soul of a poet. His kind words and even kinder heart quickly won over the Empress. I’m sure we were all devastated when he met his untimely end.

Cancer – Grigor Dymov


Grigor is not always the most likable character in the show, but he is certainly the most emotional and devoted. And those are two of Cancer’s best traits. Grigor showed his undying devotion to his Emperor, even when the latter was having a very public affair with his wife. Like the moody water sign, he also has a tendency to be cynical and self-deprecating.

Leo – Peter III


Given Peter and Leo’s rivalry, I’m sure he would hate to be called a Leo. Especially since the real Peter III was a Pisces. But the fictional Russian Emperor radiates Leo energy. He is the life of the party and oozes charm just like the fixed fire sign. He is also quite theatrical and has a flair for the dramatic. Even Catherine, who openly despises him, admits that he is a good dancer.

Virgo – General Velementov


General Velementov is a tad rough around the edges, and may seem like a bizarre choice for the mutable earth sign. But just as Virgo is the powerhouse of the zodiac, Velementov is the powerhouse of the coup d’état. Like a Virgo, he deals with a lot of anxiety, probably brought about by post traumatic stress. Also like a Virgo, he is fiercely loyal to Catherine… sometimes in a creepy way.

Libra – Aunt Elizabeth


The seemingly airy-fairy aunt to Peter just had to be a Libra. She is sociable and adapts easily to her surroundings and is one of the few courtiers who retains an unbiased view of Catherine. She is also diplomatic to a fault and does whatever she can to ensure that some level of peace is maintained, even if that means killing innocent bystanders. 

Scorpio – Georgina Dymov


Of course the sensual and insatiable Georgina had to be a Scorpio. Like her husband, she is passionately loyal to the Emperor. Though she demonstrates her passion and loyalty much differently than her husband does. She is also quite envious of Catherine and partakes in several secret plots to destroy her. Like a scorpion, she is always ready to strike.

Sagittarius – Archie


I’m sure the religious zealot would absolutely hate being on a zodiac list. But if he hates it so much, he needs to stop acting like such a Sagittarius. He exudes Sagittarian energy through his philosophical views and know-it-all ways. He is also incredibly broody and judgemental towards those he sees as different or ungodly. On a slightly more positive note, he can be charitable, if and only if it benefits him. Also, where the heck did he get that crocodile?

Capricorn – Antonia Svenska


I’m so sorry Sea-goats, but Lady Svenska is the best example of a Capricorn who has not reached emotional maturity yet. She demonstrates all the negative qualities of a Capricorn and almost none of the good ones. She is conniving, she holds grudges, and she manipulates the entire court into believing that Catherine *ahem* dated a horse. The only positive Capricorn quality she has is charisma.

Aquarius – Count Orlo


Orlo may be a bit more reserved than a regular Aquarian, but he is just as revolutionary when helping Catherine stage a coup. His progressive views make him an outsider on the Emperor’s council. Like an Aquarius, he has a lot of emotions trapped inside him but he is not always good at expressing them. He is more pragmatic than reckless though, which leads me to believe he is an Aquarius with a Virgo ascendant.

Pisces – King Hugo


A character who was only in three episodes made the list! Like the mutable water sign, King Hugo had idealistic, some may even say naive, aspirations when he brought more progressive ideologies to Sweden. But when it all backfired and the people rose up against him he fled to Russia. He sure sounds like a Pisces with a flair for escapism.

Ophiuchus – Actual History


Not a lot of actual history was considered for the final product, just as Ophiuchus is not considered a real zodiac sign.

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