Which Magical Madrigal Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Which member of our current favorite animated family do you relate to? Find out how the stars play into it.

The stars don’t shine, they burn and the constellations shift! Encanto has taken the world by storm. The heart-warming tale of a girl desperately trying to save her family’s home and magic has resonated with so many of us. I have had “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and “Surface Pressure,” stuck in my head for a week now. 


To celebrate its success I have compiled a comprehensive list of the Madrigal family’s zodiac signs. Read on to find out which character shares your sun sign. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs too!

Aries – Abuelo Pedro


Just as Aries starts the cycle of the zodiac, Abuelo Pedro is one of the major catalysts for the events that happen in Encanto. Abuelo Pedro does not get much screen time in the movie, but when we do see him he demonstrates loyalty, bravery, and a sanguine attitude. Which are all admirable traits of an Aries.

Bonus: Felix would also totally be an Aries, based on his optimism and his loyalty to Pepa.

Taurus – Julietta


Taureans often get saddled with the “mom-friend” role, and Julietta is nothing if not a supportive and loving mom. Like a Taurus, she is patient and dedicated to her family. She also makes food that is so magical and delicious that it can cure anything. Anybody who knows a Taurus knows that they cook or at least appreciate a good meal.

Gemini – Dolores


Geminis are the most verbally expressive sign in the zodiac. So it would only make sense that the family gossip would be the loquacious air sign. She sings and talks the fastest out of everyone in the family. Geminis also have a great love and appreciation for poetry, and Dolores appreciates Mariano’s poetry. 

Cancer – Pepa


Of course, Pepa would be the most emotional sign in the zodiac. Like many water signs, she is ruled by her feelings. Her mood changes like the phases of the moon, so naturally, she would be a moon-child (a name commonly given to Cancerians.) Her compassion and devotion to her family are also common Cancer traits.

Leo – Isabel


The perfect child of the Madrigal family would have to be a Leo. She is charming, willful, and just a tad bit conceited. She really comes out of her shell when she sings “What Else Can I Do?” with her sister, Mirabel. During that song, she lets out all of her creativity and flamboyance, which are two trademark characteristics of a Leo. 

Virgo – Luisa


Don’t you just want to hug Luisa? Just as Luisa is the powerhouse of the Madrigal family, she is also the powerhouse of the zodiac. She works harder for her community than any other member of her family. Like a Virgo, she is industrious and kind to a fault, but also lacks the ability to rest and relax. Side note, take time to hug the Luisas in your life today. You never know what pressure they are under. 

Libra – Camilo


Camilo’s gift of shapeshifting makes him the perfect Libra. Because of his gift, he is able to adapt to his surroundings perfectly like a Libra. He can literally fit in anywhere. He is quite the social butterfly and loves to make his family laugh. Though he has a brief verse in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” he, like the cardinal air sign, stays out of the family drama for the most part.

Bonus: Agustín would also totally be a Libra because he tries to act as the family peacekeeper. 

Scorpio – Antonio


The cutest character in the film has to be a Scorpio. He is sweet, compassionate, and adventurous. He also likes to hide away from his family at times like a secretive Scorpio. His gift is the ability to talk to animals and I personally never met a Scorpio who did not have a deep love for animals and nature.

Bonus: Romantic Mariano would have to be a Scorpio, am I right?

Sagittarius – Abuela Alma


Like her husband, Abuela Alma is also a fire sign. Maybe that is why they are so compatible. Like a Sagittarius, Abuela Alma is argumentative and judgemental towards her younger granddaughter Mirabel. But she is also charitable to her community, and self-reflective when she apologizes to her family.  

Capricorn – Casita


You might be thinking, “Casita is just a house, how can it have a Zodiac sign?” It’s true, Casita is a house, but it is sentient and has a personality. It is a character all on its own. Casita would be a Capricorn because it is the sturdy foundation on which the Madrigal Legacy was founded. Like a Capricorn, it provides support and protection to the family that it loves so much.

Aquarius – Mirabel


Aquarians often get labeled as the outsiders of the zodiac. Having no gift, Mirabel must feel like an outsider in her own family. Like an Aquarius, she is incredibly compassionate towards her loved ones and listens to them whenever they feel overwhelmed with their place in the family. She can be a bit temperamental when people don’t listen to her. But she is always ready to step in and help those who are in need. 

Also, this is just a fan theory, but what if her gift was sewing and stitching? She embroidered her dress and made a stuffed jaguar for Antonio. And at the end of the movie, she “stitches” the family back together. Just food for thought.  

Pisces – Bruno


Many people with Pisces in a prominent place in their birth chart feel like they have preternatural abilities. Some may even feel a little psychic sometimes. Well, Bruno feels psychic ALL the time so he must be a Pisces. But clairvoyance is not his only Piscean trait. He is also empathetic and a bit of an escapist.

Ophiuchus – Piko (a.k.a The Bird Who Abandons Mirabel in Bruno’s Room)


I will never acknowledge Ophiuchus as a real zodiac sign. But I will pair them with a character voiced by Alan Tudyk. I’ll let them have that. Side note: why does Alan Tudyk keep getting typecast as birds? 

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