Which Christmas Carol Character Are You Based on Your Sign?

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The Marleys were dead to begin with... But we are alive and ready to read our Christmas Carol horoscope!

It’s the holiday season, and we all love to hear scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago. And the most famous ghost story of all is A Christmas Carol! 

So let’s find out what Christmas Carol character you are based on your sign. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign! You can check your birth chart here!

Also, I will be including video links from A Muppet Christmas Carol, in honor of its 30th anniversary!


Aries – Tiny Tim


Aries are known for their anger, passion, and hyperactive natures. But they are also known for their unyielding optimism, which is why I paired the cardinal fire sign with the sanguine youngest child in the Cratchit family. Tiny Tim’s hope and good cheer radiate from him as he delivers the story’s most famous line “God bless us, everyone.”

Taurus – Fan


The only person who ever showed Scrooge any kindness in his youth was his sister Fan. Like a true Taurean, she valued family and togetherness above all else which is why she insisted that Ebenezer spend Christmas with the family after years of being at school.

The Muppet Christmas Carol sadly leaves Fan out of their version, so I included a scene from the 1951 film Scrooge starring Alistair Sim.

Gemini – Belle


This pairing may seem like a bit of a stretch but hear me out. Each sign has a specific tarot card that represents them best, and Gemini is represented by The Lovers card. Because of this, I feel like it is only appropriate to pair Gemini with Scrooge’s one true love. This reasoning also works because The Lovers card can symbolize a difficult romantic choice like the one Belle is forced to make after realizing Scrooge will always put money before their relationship.

Cancer – Fred


Cancerians and Taureans have a lot in common. They are both “mom-friends” that value their home and family above everything else. And since I paired Fan with Taurus, it only makes sense to pair her kind son, Fred, with compassionate Cancer. Fred would be a perfect moon child because he is unshakably pleasant to his miserly Uncle Ebenezer.

Leo – Ghost of Christmas Present


Leos are warm-hearted and generous. They also love extravagant parties. Does that sound like a certain larger-than-life Christmas spirit that we know? The Ghost of Christmas Present is the perfect Leo because he is jolly, flamboyant, and always ready to share a cup of good cheer with his fellow man. Just don’t let him catch you being dissatisfied or ignorant!

Virgo – Marley


Virgos are known to be quite practical. Maybe even a bit too practical and over-critical at times. Sometimes their pragmatism can get in the way of their kindness and that was certainly the case for Scrooge’s business partner Jacob Marley. Like the mutable earth sign, Marley was a hardworking businessman even though mankind should have been his business.

I hope you enjoy the video. Two Marleys are better than one!

Libra – Bob Cratchit 


Throughout the story, Bob Cratchit proves himself to be a courteous and trustworthy employee to Scrooge. He probably shows more respect than his miserly employer deserves. And that is why I paired him with thoughtful Libra. Bob Cratchit exemplifies this diplomatic nature when he toasts Scrooge as the founder of his family’s Christmas feast.

Scorpio – Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come


Since Halloween falls right in the middle of Scorpio season, the fixed water sign is often considered one of the spookier signs in the zodiac. It is for this reason that I paired them with the spookiest character in the story. Nothing is more terrifying than the unknown, and no one can really be certain of their future.

Sagittarius – Fezziwig


I know I said earlier in this article that Leos love to party, but they’ve got nothing on Sagittarius. Sagittarians love to entertain, which is why I paired them with Scrooge’s fun-loving employer, Mr. Fezziwig. While the mutable fire sign has a reputation for being broody, they are also known to be philanthropic, and Mr. Fezziwig is nothing if not altruistic.

Capricorn – Ebenezer Scrooge


Anybody who is familiar with the budgetary prowess of the cardinal earth sign will not be surprised by this pairing. I paired the iconic Christmas character with Capricorn, not only because they both have a tendency to be a bit stingy, but also because they know how to hold themselves accountable for their own wrongdoings.

Also, Capricorns and Virgos work well together, so that may be why Scrooge and Marley made such great business partners.

Aquarius – The Portly Gentlemen


The considerate Aquarius is known to be charitable with their time and money. So much so that they don’t always understand how others cannot be charitable. So naturally, I had to pair the fixed air sign with the gentlemen who stop by Scrooge’s place of business at the beginning of the story seeking a donation for those in need.

Pisces – Ghost of Christmas Past


I am pretty sure that you can’t be a Ghost of Christmas Past if you are not incredibly wistful and nostalgic. Which is why it only makes sense to pair the sentimental and sweet-natured Pisces. The mutable water sign would be excellent in this role because they are known to look back fondly on bygone eras. 

Ophiuchus – Charles Dickens and Rizzo the Rat


Charles Dickens as played by Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat are not actually characters in A Christmas Carol, just like Ophiuchus isn’t really a zodiac sign.

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