What Wholesome Movie Should You Watch Based on Your Sign?

We interrupt your doom scrolling to bring a list a wholesome movies!

Let’s be honest. Things have been a little tough lately. Between war, tragedy, celebrity trials, and questionable Supreme Court decisions, I think it’s safe to assume that we all need a little break from doom-scrolling. So I have compiled a list of wholesome movies that will give each sign a short respite from all the ugliness in the world. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun signs.

Take care of yourselves out there.

Aries – Second-Hand Lions


Imagine reading this section in Stefon’s voice. This movie has everything. Lions, old men flying planes upside down through barns, sword fights, a young Haley Joel Osment, and Michael Caine speaking in a rather convincing southern accent. This film is about a young boy getting sent to live with his uncles, whose lives are shrouded in mystery. Aries will appreciate the irreverent humor, the sentimentality, and the epic sword-fighting scenes.

I do want to warn you that some portrayals of certain cultures in this movie did not age well. 

Taurus – Fried Green Tomatoes


This film has everything that Taureans will love. Family, friends, food, and romance. You thought I was going to put another “F” word there, didn’t you? The film tells the story of a woman who learns to love and empower herself by listening to stories about the amazing lives of two remarkable women named Idgie and Ruth. Also, Idgie and Ruth are a couple. This is not up for debate or speculation. There are contextual clues in the book that they are in a relationship. 

Gemini – Akeelah and The Bee


Geminis are the most poetic and studious sign in the zodiac, so they get paired up with a movie that tells the story of an incredibly smart girl who competes in a spelling bee. Keke Palmer plays the titular character, who under the tutelage of Morpheus himself, a.k.a. Lawrence Fishburn, hones her talent for spelling and learns a thing or two about self-confidence along the way.

Cancer – Hunt for the Wilderpeople


Moon children, you get the only movie on here that is directed by Taika Waititi, so… you’re welcome! Cancerians are homebodies who love to create safe spaces for their friends. And that is why they will love this film about a young boy who finds a home with his kind foster family and sets out on an adventure with his foster father. This movie has excellent acting, gorgeous scenery, and that trademark sentimental humor that we have come to expect from Taika Waititi films.

Spoiler Warning: I do want to warn you. A dog dies in the film. Please skip the 1:06-1:10 hour mark if you don’t want to see it.

Leo – The Birdcage


Leos are schmecken for schnecken! The fixed fire sign will adore this film based on the musical La Cage aux Folles. This film tells the story of a young man trying to impress his fiancée’s stuffy, conservative family by hiding the fact that he was raised by two dads. But thankfully, he learns that a loving family is nothing to be ashamed of. Leos will enjoy Nathan Lane’s bombastic and theatrical character, and they will also love the warm-hearted message of the film.

Virgo – Where The Heart Is


Virgos are earth signs, so they are driven by their need to put down roots. But they are also mutable signs, so they are adaptable. The main character in this film, played by Natalie Portman, exemplifies these traits. The movie tells the story of a teenage mother who, after giving birth in a Walmart, builds a life by surrounding herself with a loving and supportive community. 

Libra – Harvey


Harvey is a heartwarming movie based on a play of the same name by Mary Chase. The film tells the story of a sweet-natured man named Elwood, who spends his days in the company of a 6-foot tall rabbit named Harvey, whom only he can see. Libras will relate to Elwood because he, too, is a social barfly… I mean butterfly. They will also relate to his courteous and diplomatic nature.

Scorpio – Friends with Benefits 


I know what you’re thinking. “Should a sex comedy be on a wholesome movie list?” Yes, it should when it’s paired with the sexiest sign in the zodiac. This film tells the story of two good friends who make an arrangement to participate in a little “physical activity” without any emotional involvement. Scorpios will love the hilarious and sexy scenes, and they will also love all the flash mobs!

Sagittarius – Sister Act 2


You must be wondering, “why did you put the sequel on this list and not the original movie?” Well, that’s because the first film features murder and mob hits, and that’s not wholesome. The sequel is more of a feel-good film. Whoopi Goldberg’s character, Deloris, a.k.a Sister Mary Clarence, must be a Sagittarius because she is ambitious, entertaining, charitable, and indiscreet.

Capricorn – 9 to 5


This film is the quintessential feminist classic, and I think we could all use a little more feminism, wouldn’t you say? Enterprising Capricorns will adore this film about three women who, because of hilarious misunderstandings, end up kidnapping their boss and enacting real and proper change in their workplace environment. Also, Dolly Parton is a Capricorn, Jane Fonda’s rising and Mercury signs are in Capricorn, and Lily Tomlin’s Mars sign is in Capricorn.

Aquarius – Amélie


Ooh la la! Aquarius gets a French film! Like the titular character, Aquarians may seem like quiet outsiders, but their minds are always teeming with interesting thoughts and innovative ways to help people connect with each other while desperately striving for connections themselves. Aquarians will also relate to Amélie because she is compassionate, quirky, and an utterly fabulous dresser. 

Pisces- Practical Magic


Of course, the sign most likely to be blessed with psychic proclivities is paired with the film about witches. The movie gets slightly dark in certain parts, but is mainly a wholesome story of two sisters reconnecting. The mutable water sign will enjoy watching the witchy characters perform their spells and rituals. And they will also appreciate the main characters’ telepathic bond. 

Ophiuchus- Wholesome Tiktok Compilations


Even though Ophiuchus is not a real zodiac sign, they still deserve some wholesome content.

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