What Magical Christmas Legend Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you Krampus? or Are you La Befana? Read on to find out!

Happy Yule! 

Did you know that Santa is not the only magical Christmas figure? There are dozens if not hundreds of figures out there. Read on to find out which one you are based on your sun, moon, and rising signs. You can check your birth chart here.

Aries – The Yule Lads (Iceland)


Aries are quite the firecrackers. They are known to be playful and have a lot of energy. So it stands to reason that they would be a little mischievous as well. It is for this reason that I paired them with the Yule Lads. These 13 whippersnappers are the children of Gryla, a mountain troll who eats naughty children. The Yule Lads love to play pranks on people and cause trouble. Some of their names translate to “Bowl-Licker” and “Door-Slammer.”

Taurus – La Befana (Italy)


Taureans will love the wholesome Christmas witch from Italian folklore who delivers gifts and candy to children on the Epiphany (January 6th.) The legend states that La Befana gave the three Wise Men shelter and food on their journey to find Jesus, but declined their offer to accompany them because she had to clean her house. But she had second thoughts and that is why she flies on her broom looking for the child even to this day.

Gemini – The Snow Maiden (Russia)


The Snow Maiden is the granddaughter of Ded Moroz, the Russian version of Santa Claus. I paired this lovely blue-eyed, white-haired maiden with Gemini because they share a kind spirit. But I also paired them together because Gemini is known to be one of the most eloquent and literarily talented of all the signs. And the Snow Maiden has had many stories and operas written about her.

Cancer – The Tomten (Sweden)


The cardinal water signs are known to be homebodies. They love their home to feel like a safe space for themselves as well as others. Cancerians actually have quite a lot in common with the Swedish Tomten. The Tomten are little gnome-like creatures who love to protect houses and the people who live there. They are also known to be a little temperamental when unhappy. A good way to keep them happy is to leave butter out as an offering for them.

Leo – Yule Cat (Iceland)


I’m not going to lie. A big part of why I paired Leo with the Yule Cat is, well, Leos are represented by a large cat themselves. But that is not the only reason I paired the cats together. Leos are known to appreciate beautiful and trendy clothes and the Yule Cat is believed to eat anyone who is not wearing the clothes that they received on Christmas. So you could say they are both fashion-forward.

Virgo – Jack Frost (Norse)


I may have paired Virgo with Jack Frost, but that doesn’t mean that I believe that the mutable earth sign wants to nip at your nose. The friendly ice man is known to be just as kind-hearted as Virgo is. But he is also just as practical as Virgo. Though he may be warm-hearted, he is not afraid to put the freeze on anyone who neglects to wear their winter hats, coats, and gloves.

Libra – Belsnickel (Germany)


Like Libra, the German Belsnickel is known to be quite generous and diplomatic. The legend states that he visits children two weeks before Christmas and delivers candy and treats to the good children. But he delivers a warning to children who have been naughty. Like the cardinal air sign, he may be a little harsh but he is also kind and fair.

Scorpio – Frau Perchta (Proto-Germanic)


Of course, one of the spookiest, broodiest signs in the zodiac gets paired with one of the spookiest, broodiest figures in Christmas folklore. Frau Perchta isn’t always seen as a malevolent figure. In fact, some people equate her with the Norse goddess Frigga. But over the centuries, she has turned into a frightening witch who punished little children who she suspects of lying. Scorpio can probably relate to her suspicious nature.

Sagittarius – Mari Llwyd (Wales)


Mari Lwyd has gained some notoriety on the Web thanks to internet memes. Mari Llwyd is often depicted as a skeletal horse, which is one of the reasons I paired her with the Dark Horse of the zodiac. She is said to travel from house to house reminding people of their own mortality until she is invited in and offered food and drinks. Sagittarius will relate to their broody, introspective nature as well as their penchant for partying.

Capricorn – Krampus (Germany)


Leo the Lion got paired with a cat. Sagittarius the Dark Horse got paired with a skeleton horse. So of course I’m going to pair Capricorn the Sea-Goat with a Christmas myth that is half-goat and half-demon. Krampus usually arrives on Krampusnacht (December 5th) and stays around until Christmas. If he finds any naughty children, he will stuff them in his sack and whisk them away to a hideout, never to be seen again. Capricorns will relate to the Christmas demon’s love of order. 

And no, I don’t know what a Sea-Goat is.

Aquarius – The Grinch (U.S.A.)


Like the Grinch, Aquarians are often seen as temperamental outsiders. But once you truly get to know the water bearer and the green grump, you realize just how big their hearts truly are. Aquarians will also be able to relate to the Grinch’s innovation, intelligence, and technological prowess.

I don’t think you’re a mean one, Aquarius!

Pisces – Santa (Turkish and Dutch)


Fun fact: Saint Nicholas, the man who is one of the inspirations for our modern concept of Santa, was believed to be born on March 15th, 270 A.D. So he would technically be a Pisces! But that’s not the only reason I paired Jolly Old St. Nick with the mutable water sign. Like Pisces, Santa Claus is sweet-natured, charitable, and magical.

Ophiuchus – The Great Pumpkin


The Great Pumpkin is a Halloween myth, not a Christmas Myth. And Ophiuchus is NOT an actual zodiac sign!

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