What Fun Summer Activity Should You Participate in Based on Your Sign?

Summer's around the corner! So what are you gonna do with those long hot days and those sultry nights? We've got a few ideas

School is out! The sun is hot! Summer is here! A lot of us are a little too old to be celebrating our summer vacation from school, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some summer fun! 

But what can we do for fun? Worry not, because I have compiled a list of fun activities that would be perfect for each sign. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun signs.

Aries – Hiking


Aries are born with an inherent need for adventure. You love being active and you love exploring. Hiking allows you to satisfy both of these loves. If you are feeling particularly restless this summer, research some of your local hiking trails. If hiking is already one of your hobbies, then try out some trails that you have never hiked before. 

Taurus – Mixology 


Taureans have some serious host/hostess energy. If any sign knows how to get a party started, it is definitely Taurus. Well, everyone knows you can’t have a great mixer without a great mixologist. Mixology, or the skill of mixing cocktails, will allow you to indulge your creativity and your love for epicurean delights. Maybe you can put your spin on a vodka Red Bull…get it? Bull?!

Gemini – Journaling 

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For some people, summer is nothing more than an inconvenient, overly hot, bug-ridden precursor to the best season, autumn. (It’s me. I’m “some people.”) But for other people, summer can be an inspirational time of year full of good stories. And there is no sign more qualified to capture the wonderful stories of summer on the page than the verbally gifted Gemini.

Cancer – Beach Day


As the cardinal water sign, Cancerians love to relax near the water. So, plan a beach day! If you don’t live near an ocean, a lake beach will work just fine. A beach day will let you be as active or as relaxed as you want to be. You can swim and jump in the waves or you can just lay on the sand and listen to soft sounds of the water lapping against the shore.

Leo – Attend A Bonfire


Leo’s have garnered a reputation for being the center of attention. This is only slightly true. You don’t like to be the center of attention so much as they like to be surrounded by people who love them. Attending a bonfire with your closest friends will allow you to dance, drink, and let loose all while surrounded by people you feel safe with.

Virgo – Volunteer As A Camp Counselor


As an earth sign, you love nature and you love helping people. You can put these traits to good use by working as a camp counselor for a couple of weeks during the summer season. Your industrious nature and kind-hearted ways will allow the campers to feel safe and secure all summer long. 

Libra – Throw A Summer Shindig


You are the social butterfly of the zodiac. You thrive in social settings, so it is only natural for you to seek out as many summer parties as you can. But if you can’t find a good party, then throw one! It can be an extravagant event or it can just be a chill get-together. You can even get Taurus to make some cocktails for everyone!

Scorpio – Dancing


The summer heat isn’t slowing you down one bit. You want to get your body moving. Let loose at Libra’s party or Leo’s bonfire. Or maybe you can find a club with a great DJ or band. If you are looking for something a bit more structured, maybe try a dance class. If you’re looking for new music to dance to, Pisces may have you covered.

Sagittarius – Road Trip

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You have a bigger sense of wanderlust than any other sign in the zodiac, and summer is the perfect time to indulge it. Now is the perfect time to plan that vacation that you have always wanted to take. If a big expensive road trip isn’t in the cards for you right now, see if Aries needs a hiking buddy. Hiking may help satisfy your wanderlust.

Capricorn – Try A New Sport


As a cardinal sign, you like to stay active, but you also like to stay disciplined. Learning how to play a new sport will allow you to keep your mind and body active and moving. Try out for an adult sports team. Or if team sports aren’t your thing, you can try something solitary like rock climbing. 

Aquarius – Camping


If there could be a poster child for “van life,” it would definitely be an Aquarius. As fixed signs, Aquarians are pretty good at turning any space they occupy into a homey setting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a secluded cabin or tent, you can find peace and solitude anywhere. You have no problems being on your own. But if you want a travel companion, I hear Sagittarius is down. 

Pisces – Pick Up A New Instrument 


You are one of the most musical signs in the whole zodiac. You have a wide range of musical tastes and you’re open to listening to just about anything. Maybe it’s time to learn how to play some of your favorite songs. If you get comfortable with it, maybe Leo will let you play at their bonfire or Libra will let you play at their party. But if anyone shouts “Free Bird” at you, you should stop talking to them.

Ophiuchus – Keep Doing What You’re Doing 

Ophiuchus can go ahead and keep doing what they are doing…which is not existing, because they are not real.

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