What “Back-To-School” Flick Should You Watch Based on Your Sign?

School is back in session! Let's celebrate by watching our favorite "back-to-school" movies.

As heartbreaking as it is to say, summer break is ending and school is starting back up. But turn those frowns upside down, because I have compiled a list of “back-to-school” movies that the zodiac signs will just love. So whether you’re a mutable sign in high school, a fixed sign in college, or a cardinal sign in grad school, you will find your perfect “back-to-school” flick on this list.

Don’t forget to check your moon and rising sign as well as your sun sign!

Aries – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


This film tells the story of a charming slacker who gets his best friend and girlfriend to accompany him while he plays hooky from school, impersonates the sausage king of Chicago, and sings a Wayne Newton song on a parade float. Ferris Bueller would definitely have Aries somewhere in his chart, because he is reckless, impulsive, overly optimistic, and most importantly, an incredibly loyal friend to Cameron.

Taurus – Billy Madison


Taurus, I know you are scratching your head at this list, but hear me out. This movie is about the spoiled son of a wealthy businessman who has to go back to elementary and high school to prove he can run the family business. Billy Madison demonstrates quite a few Taurean traits. He is an unapologetic hedonist, but he is also a determined student and a dedicated friend.

Gemini – Booksmart


Geminis are smart in many different ways, but everyone can agree that they are quite book smart. Which is why they will love this charming and hilarious coming-of-age film. Booksmart is about two friends who spent their entire high school career studying and planning for college, so they decide to attend one wild party before they go off to their respective universities. The mutable air sign will relate to the main characters’ intellect and their dualistic natures.

Cancer – Matilda


Cancerians will love this childhood classic for many reasons. They will love the storytelling and the importance placed on literature and compassion. But they will relate most to the titular character’s teacher Ms. Honey. If Ms. Honey doesn’t have Cancer somewhere in her chart, I will eat my shoe and the foot to go with it. She is highly empathetic and tries her best to provide a safe space for her students.

Leo – Mean Girls


Leos will think this iconic movie is so fetch! The film tells the story of a teen girl who enters a new high school after years of being homeschooled in Africa. There she meets, befriends, dethrones, and replaces the school’s most popular girl! As the sovereign of the zodiac, Leos will love a movie chock full of Queen Bees.

Virgo – Clueless


In this modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic Emma, we follow the main character, Cher, as she tries to play matchmaker for her friends, teachers, and herself. The mutable earth sign will be able to relate to Cher’s loyalty as well as her helpful yet slightly pushy nature. And remember, Virgos, even though you are represented by the Virgin, it doesn’t mean that you are a virgin who can’t drive.

Libra – Breakfast Club


Libras are the peacekeepers of the zodiac. They like to mediate situations, and they always try to find common ground with those around them. Because of this, they will love this 80’s classic. This film tells the story of five high schoolers from different cliques who become friends while serving Saturday detention. The adaptable air sign will be able to relate to all of the main characters.

Scorpio – Easy A 


This film is a modern retelling of The Scarlet Letter. But it takes a lot of liberties with the story. It tells the story of a high school girl who gets quite a salacious reputation, despite the fact that she is still a virgin. Scorpios will love the raunchy yet light-hearted humor. They will also relate to the sweet main character Olive, and her secretive yet sentimental nature. 

Sagittarius – Heathers


The mutable fire sign will love this broody and dark comedy about outsiders getting revenge on the mean-spirited popular kids. Sagittarians will relate to Veronica’s introspective nature. I have often called Sagittarius the Dark Horse of the zodiac. And the main character refers to her love interest as a “dark horse in the running.”

Trigger warning: this film features suicide and gun violence. Practice self-care if you choose to watch it.

Capricorn – Legally Blonde


You should never underestimate a Capricorn. And you should never EVER underestimate Elle Woods! The cardinal earth sign will relate to Elle’s ambition and charisma. She demonstrates exceptional leadership skills as the head of her sorority. She is also incredibly self-disciplined like a Capricorn in the way that she forgoes her sorority parties to study for her LSAT.

Aquarius – 10 Things I Hate About You 


Kat Stafford is the Aquarius that all young Aquarians aspire to be! This Taming of the Shrew adaptation tells the story of high school boys trying to woo two sisters. One is sweet and popular, but the other is a temperamental know-it-all. Aquarians will appreciate that Kat never loses her rebellious spirit even after she falls in love. If you want another comedic Shakespearean adaptation, try Deliver Us From Eva.

Pisces – Grease 2


Pisces love music and nostalgia more than they love anything else, so they will absolutely adore this charming sequel to the iconic Grease. You may be wondering why I put the sequel and not the first one on this list. Well, Grease 2 is the only one of the two that has the song “Back to School Again,” and Grease already gets enough love. The mutable water sign will love the musical numbers and the retro aesthetics.

Ophiuchus – Meatballs


This film is the exact opposite of a “back-to-school” film because it is about a summer camp. And Ophiuchus is the exact opposite of a zodiac sign.

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