Venus Is in Aquarius, and Here’s What That Means for Your Love Life

Playful couple
Venus, the planet that rules all things romance and beauty, has moved into the social and often platonic sign of Aquarius. So what does that mean for your relationships this month? Read on to find out.

Just in time for Valentine’s day, Venus – planet of love and beauty – moved into the free-spirited, playful, and social sign of Aquarius yesterday.

She’ll stay there until February 25, which means that in terms of our love lives, we can expect things to be infused with fresh, fun new ideas and perspectives. It’s generally a better time for flings or friends with benefits than trying to start something serious.

And while Venus definitely trades in romance, Aquarius is much more focused on your social circle. So expect your squad to be of utmost importance over the course of the month.

Of course, depending on your sun or rising sign, this could be music to your ears, or cause a fair amount of friction or drama. Read on to see what area of your life might get a good shaking up!


This is the time to make connections with those with shared interests – perhaps through group activities or some sort of social club. A romantic development through one of these organizations is possible.


It’s time to start schmoozing! You’re especially charming to employers, colleagues, and clients right now. They’ll appreciate a sense of responsibility and even authority right now. Social engagements could also lead to promising job opportunities, or other, less career-centric connections.


You’re on the hunt for adventure, and the thought of broadening your horizons turns you on. You could be romantically drawn to those outside of your background or your typical “type” over the next few weeks.


A new, intimate connection could be on the horizon for you. It’s also possible that you could have an enlightening, or even life-changing, conversation with a current partner about your intimacy or another emotionally fraught topic. Things are about to get intense.


Flattery will get you everywhere, my friend! Make sure you’re giving that special person in your life the attention they’re craving. Things right now could use some smoothing over.


Maintaining peace and harmony among your colleagues is highly important to you under this transit. A romantic relationship that crosses over into your work life is also possible.


Under this transit, you’re effortlessly charming to others. You have an innate sense of how to make the best impression on others. Fair warning, though – a romantic relationship you start now will be fun but full of drama!


You’re feeling especially connected to and loving toward your family right now. Sentimentality and nostalgia are important to you. As are smoothing over any domestic tensions that have been cropping up lately.


You’ll find yourself attracted and drawn to interesting conversations and a sparkling wit over the next few weeks. If someone wants to win you, they’ll need to start with your mind. If you’ve had a verbal confrontation recently, your verbal diplomatic skills will help you smooth it over.


Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, adores her creature comforts. You might be feeling the urge to purchase some pretties for around the house. Or to dote on the object of your affections. Just check the overspending.


Venus in your house of self and identity can only mean one thing: indulgence! Pleasure-seeking is on the mind, and you’ll be hard pressed to deny yourself anything under this particular transit. Just keep in mind that a fling now will be unlikely to turn into something more serious later.


You may feel led to lay low on the romance front for a while. It’s possible you have some inner work to do before you’re ready to get out and mingle. Or you might need to pay special attention to an existing partnership.

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