The Hocus Pocus Zodiac!

Let the Hocus Pocus Zodiac Cast a Spell on You!

It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus! The long awaited sequel to the 1993 witchy classic is now streaming on Disney+! Let’s celebrate by pairing the zodiac signs with the characters from the original movie!

Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign! You can find your birth chart here.

Aries – Dani Dennison (a.k.a. The Annoying Little Sister)


Aries are known to be quite hyperactive and temperamental. They are not above throwing a tantrum to get their way. And if that doesn’t describe 8-year-old Dani, I don’t know what does. Plus, all Aries look great in red and orange.

Also, I’m an annoying little sister so I probably paired Dani with Aries out of a sort of kinship I feel with her.

Taurus – Master (a.k.a The Guy in the Devil Costume)


Taureans love to indulge in earthly delights, and Master certainly doesn’t shy away from pleasures like candy or witchy slow dances. Taureans also put a lot of pride in their home and Master certainly took a lot of pride in his Halloween decorations. 

Fun fact: Master and his wife were played by real-life siblings, Garry and Penny Marshall.

Gemini – The Book (a.k.a. BoOooOoooOok!)


I have often said that Geminis are the wordsmiths of the zodiac. So naturally, I had to pair the eloquent sign with Winifred’s tome of spells. You may see the book as more of a prop than a character, but it is technically sentient. I’m sure the mutable air sign will appreciate being paired with poetic charms and spells.

Cancer – Mary (a.k.a. The One Who Smells Children)


I know it’s weird to associate a child-eating witch with the most empathetic sign in the zodiac, but just hear me out. Mary has that Cancerian mom-friend energy and is very in tune with her sisters’ emotions. And she is always the first one to say “sorry.” She also tried her best to save Sarah in the end.

Leo – Skeleton MC (a.k.a. Our Childhood Crush)


Leos are one of the most entertaining signs in the entire zodiac. So of course, I had to pair them with the wickedly talented Skeleton MC at the Town Hall Halloween party. Like the fixed fire sign, the MC has amazing stage presence and manages to exude sex appeal even while covered in skeletal makeup.

Virgo – Binx (a.k.a. Hot Cat!)


I just had to pair the pragmatic Virgo with Thackery Binx. Like the mutable earth sign, he is dependable and quite practical. He also has a kind heart when it comes to rescuing little sisters. He is not as timid as a Virgo, but maybe he has Aries or Capricorn somewhere in his big three.

Libra – Billy Butcherson (a.k.a. A Good Zombie)


The guy who was once the lover of not one but two Sanderson sisters just has to be a Venus-ruled sign. Like a Libra, it appears that Billy has trouble choosing between the Sanderson sisters and the Dennison trio. But once he finds his voice, he aligns himself with the side of righteousness.

Scorpio – Mortal Bus Boy (a.k.a. The One Who Conveys Witches to Their Most Forbidden Desires)


Scorpios are the paramours of the zodiac, meaning they are most in touch with their sensual side. And the Mortal Bus Boy certainly catches feelings quite easily. He tries to turn all the Scorpio charms on for Sarah. He even tries to assure her that he won’t hate her in the morning.

Sagittarius – Winifred (a.k.a. The Head Witch in Charge)


Of course the redhead that shoots lightning out of her fingertips would be a fire sign. Winifred demonstrates the fun and frightening traits of Sagittarius. She is alarmingly ambitious in her pursuits. But she is also incredibly entertaining when she is bewitching a whole town through the art of song and dance.

Fun fact: Bette Midler, the actress who plays Winifred, is actually a Sagittarius.

Capricorn – Allison (a.k.a. Clever Little Witch)


The intelligent and down-to-earth Allison had to be paired with Capricorn. Like the cardinal earth sign, she is quite charming, knowledgeable, and demonstrates excellent leadership skills. But also like Capricorn, she is a bit patronizing to Max… but let’s be real, he totally deserved it.

Aquarius – Max Dennison (a.k.a. Hollywood!) 


Aquarians often feel like outsiders and can also be quite temperamental. The film’s main character Max certainly feels like an outsider in a new town and it reflects in his surly attitude. But like the fixed air sign, he is also compassionate towards his little sister. 

Also, if he is an Aquarius that means that he and Allison are planetary twins!

Pisces – Sarah (a.k.a. Amok Amok Amok!)


If any sign was going to bounce around singing “dead man’s toe,” it would be Pisces. Sarah is the perfect Pisces because she is flirtatious, musically talented, and maybe just a little naive. Also like Pisces, she is way smarter than people give her credit for.

Plus, if she is a Pisces, that means that she is compatible with the Mortal Bus Boy.

Ophiuchus – Jay and Ice (a.k.a. The Bullies Who Steal Shoes)


Ophiuchus does not exist, so they get paired with Jay and Ernie… I mean Ice, the bullies who steal shoes and candies. 

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