Which Suicide Squad Member Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Have you always wanted to know which member of Task Force X you would be? Read on to find out!

Peacemaker is the new hit show on HBO Max. The Suicide Squad won critical praise. And Suicide Squad … um, moving on.

I know what you must be wondering. “These characters are so fun and compelling, I must know their prospective zodiac signs!” Lucky for you, I have compiled a comprehensive list detailing which Task Force X member is paired with what sign. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising sign as well as your sun sign.

Spoiler alerts for Suicide Squad, The Suicide Squad, and Peacemaker. Proceed with caution.

Aries – Rick Flagg


Because Aries are ruled by the planet named after the Roman god of war, they often get called the warrior of the zodiac. And Rick Flagg is certainly a warrior! The Task Force X soldier demonstrates many of the cardinal fire sign’s best qualities. He shows unwavering loyalty to his friend, Harley Quinn, when he tries to rescue her. And he is brave when facing certain death. He kept fighting right up until the end, and I can’t think of anything more Aries than that.

Taurus – Harley Quinn 


I know I already paired Harley with Cancer in the Batman Villain list. But today is a new day and this is a new list. In The Suicide Squad, Harley lives the life every Taurus wants while Silvio Luna attempts to woo her. She wears a fancy dress that makes her feel like a princess. She eats the yummiest foods and drinks the finest wines. And she partakes in some “extracurricular activities,” if you catch my meaning. She also exudes Taurean mom-friend energy when she offers to be “Milton’s” friend.

Gemini – Polka-Dot Man


In the film The Suicide Squad, Polka-Dot Man displays some of Gemini’s more erratic traits. He is insecure and quite unpredictable. I definitely did not see polka-dot vomit coming. But in the DC comics, each of the polka dots on his costume has a different function, making him as adaptable as the mutable air sign. 

Spoiler alert: His death genuinely broke my heart.

Cancer – Ratcatcher 2


Ratcatcher 2 is easily the sweetest character in Task Force X. She is so kind and empathetic, I had trouble deciding whether or not she should be paired up with Pisces or Cancer. Cancer ultimately won out because she is compassionate, emotionally intelligent, and was incredibly devoted to her father. She also helped Bloodsport get over his fear of rats. She is an adorable angel baby who deserves her own TV show. Where is her TV show, DCEU?!

Leo – Captain Boomerang 


This pairing may have some of you scratching your heads. Don’t worry, I’ll explain. Before George Harkness became the unicorn-wielding member of Task Force X, he was a promoter and boomerang performer for a toy company. He grew resentful after his audiences did not receive him well and eventually became the villain known as Captain Boomerang. Only a Leo would turn to a life of crime because their performance wasn’t appreciated.

Virgo – Bloodsport


Both Bloodsport and Deadshot could have easily been paired with Capricorn since they both served as leaders of Task Force X. But I figured Bloodsport paired better with Virgo. We will talk about Deadshot later. Bloodsport is paired with Virgo because he is practical and over-critical of his teammates. Like the mutable earth sign, he takes in information and uses it to his advantage when he stops Peacemaker by taking his advice and using smaller bullets. Also, he is quite skittish around rats, and Virgos are known to be timid.

Libra – Peacemaker


Most Libras live by the virtues of peace, love, and rock ‘n’ roll. But Peacemaker only really cares about one of those things. Two, if you count Hair Metal as rock ‘n’ roll. The helmet-wearing eagle lover shares the cardinal air sign’s best and worst traits. Yet somehow, he uses both traits in negative ways. He is diplomatic but he is also ambivalent to his fellow man. As he states in The Suicide Squad, he cherishes peace with all his heart and he doesn’t care how many men, women, and children he needs to kill to get it.

Scorpio – Katana 


Aries and Scorpio make a great team and Katana is the Scorpio to Flagg’s Aries. As Flagg states in Suicide Squad, she has his back. She seems stoic on the surface, but her still waters run deep. And like any good Scorpio, she is in touch with her darker emotions like grief and regret. This is evident when she tearfully converses with her sword which houses her departed husband’s soul.

Sagittarius – El Diablo 


Of course, El Diablo had to be a fire sign. The fire starter exudes many of the mutable sign’s traits. He is indiscreet when he starts a giant fire in prison. And he is broody and self-reflective whenever he thinks back on how he caused the death of his family. But he also shared Sagittarius’ more altruistic traits when he sacrifices himself for the team.

Capricorn – Deadshot 


I told you we would eventually get around to Deadshot. Floyd Lawton demonstrates his Capricorn capabilities through his leadership and discipline. Like the earth sign, he always tries to be as professional as possible. As the first member to be described by Amanda Waller, he lays the foundation for the rest of the squad, and Capricorns are known for providing a sturdy foundation for their community. 

Aquarius – Enchantress


Aquarians are often seen as the outsiders of the zodiac and Enchantress can certainly be called the outsider of Task Force X since she goes rogue. Aquarians are also known for their technological prowess, and Enchantress tries to build a machine that will destroy humanity. I guess she was trying to bring forth the dawning of the age of…Enchantress.

Pisces – King Shark 


Pisces gets to be paired with everyone’s favorite character, King Shark! Nanaue may have started out trying to eat the whole team, but with the help of Ratcatcher 2, he slowly learns how to make friends. Though, like Pisces, he is a bit naive when making friends since his “dumb friends” try to kill him. He also gets paired with the mutable fish because, well, he is a giant fish!

Ophiuchus – Weasel


Because Ophiuchus is not a real sign, I’ve decided to pair them up with Weasel… or whoever Pete Davidson played.

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