Which Pirate From ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Cast of Our Flag Means Death
Read on to find out which of these zany pirates you are!

Our Flag Means Death has taken the internet by storm! Taika Waititi’s pirate comedy has some of the most interesting characters on television right now. Read on to find out which character matches up with your zodiac sign. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun signs. If you don’t know you sun, moon, and rising signs, you can check them here!

Aries – Wee John (a.k.a. Not Hodor)


First, let us just take a quick moment to thank Taika Waititi for putting the iconic Kristian Nairn in this wonderful series. Second, Wee John would definitely be an Aries. Not only is he a loyal friend to Frenchie, but he is also obsessed with fire and blowing things up. He embodies the fire sign’s manic energy when he is on “vacation.” And like an Aries, Wee John is a secret sweetheart, though he is rough around the edges.

Taurus – Stede Bonnet (a.k.a. The Gentleman Pirate)


I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Taureans are truly the most wholesome hedonists. So of course, Stede, the lover of all things fancy, would be a Taurus. He loves to indulge in luxury and surround himself with creature comforts. Not only is he a wholesome character, he brings out the good will of almost everyone he comes into contact with. But his timid side makes me think he would be a Virgo rising.

Bonus: Roach would also be a Taurus, because only a Taurean would fall asleep cuddling onions.

Gemini – Lucius (a.k.a. The One We Need to See in Season 2)


Lucius has the hands of a writer and the soul of a poet, so naturally he would be a Gemini. Lucius takes on the role of Stede’s scribe and he writes of the crew’s adventures. Like most air signs, he sees beauty in everything around him, which is probably why he is eager to sketch lewd portraits of the crew. Let’s cross our fingers and hope we see him in season 2.

Cancer – Frenchie (a.k.a. The One Who Makes the Flag)


Cancerians are creative and Frenchie shows his creative side when he sings for the crew and when he designs Stede’s black cat pirate flag. He is also clever and innovative like the cardinal water sign. He and Oluwande manage to scam a boat full of rich people with the first-ever “pyramid scheme.” Cancerians are also very compassionate, and he is a caring friend to Wee John. Cardinal signs gotta stick together.

Leo – Blackbeard (a.k.a. Ed)


Blackbeard would be an absolutely perfect Leo. Leo is the fixed fire sign and the real-life Blackbeard proved he had no fear of fire when he would braid ropes into his beard and set them ablaze. Leos have big, warm hearts and Ed loves to show his warmer side to Stede. Leos also love to indulge in theatrics and Blackbeard is certainly well-versed in the art of… well, Stede called it Fear Theatre.

Virgo – Izzy Hands (a.k.a. The Silver Fox We Love to Hate)


Virgo gets paired with one of the sexiest actors on the show, so, you’re welcome Virgo! Izzy embodies many of the mutable earth sign’s most well-known traits. He is loyal to Blackbeard, pragmatic in the way he believes a crew should be run, and overly critical of everything Stede does. If only he could muster up some of that famous Virgo kindness.

Libra – Oluwande (a.k.a. Sweet Angel Baby)


Don’t you just want to hug Oluwande? He is seriously one of the sweetest characters in the show. And because of that, I had to pair him up with sweet Libra. Like the cardinal air sign, Oluwande is a diplomatic crew member and a trustworthy friend to Jim. Also, cardinal signs are exceptional leaders, and when the crew is getting ready to mutiny Izzy, they nominate Oluwande as the new captain because they trust his leadership skills. 

Scorpio – Spanish Jackie (a.k.a. Girl Boss of the Pirating World)


We need a badass lady on this list and Spanish Jackie is nothing if not a badass. She is the quintessential Scorpio. As a pirate captain, she is adventurous and aggressive. But she also embodies the fixed water sign’s sensual side because she takes 19 husbands. She is also vengeful and vindictive when one of those husbands is murdered.

Sagittarius – Buttons (a.k.a. The One Who Loves Birds)


I’ve written before that it can be hard to get a read on Sagittarians until you really get to know them. Similarly, when you watch this show it can be hard to get a read on Buttons. But after his seagull friend dies, we get to see the extent of his personality. Like Sagittarius, his fiery passion takes on a metaphysical and mystical form as he tries his best to curse Calico Jack for killing his friend. And considering what happened to Jack, I’d say that Buttons succeeded. Don’t mess with Sagittarians or their friends!

Capricorn – Black Pete (a.k.a. A Surprisingly Good Romantic Partner)


If Black Pete is a Capricorn, he is an emotionally immature Capricorn, which means there is hope that one day he will mature and take on some of the earth sign’s more desirable qualities. Like an emotionally immature Capricorn, he has an overinflated sense of ego. But as the show progresses we get to see his exceptional work ethic and his charm. Also, his relationship with Lucius is almost more adorable than Stede and Ed’s relationship. Almost.

Aquarius – Jim (a.k.a. Everyone’s Favorite Character)


It was hard to find the perfect zodiac sign for Jim. They could easily be paired with Aries or Scorpio, but the honor goes to Aquarius. When Jim is disguising themself on the ship, they feel like an outsider, and Aquarians often feel like outsiders. Like the fixed air sign, Jim is a bit reckless in their decisions and has an incredibly well-developed sense of justice. And though they can be a bit standoffish, they are very compassionate towards Oluwande.

Pisces – The Swede (a.k.a. The Singing Siren)

I feel like the Swede is one of the more sympathetic supporting characters in the show. He is not ruthless or cruel, he just kind of goes with the flow. And if any sign can go with the flow, it is the mutable Pisces. Pisces is not only the most empathetic sign in the zodiac, they are also the most musically inclined. And the Swede has the loveliest singing voice.

Ophiuchus – Calico Jack (a.k.a. The Worst)


In the show and in real life, Calico Jack was the worst. In the show, he betrays Stede and his crew and kills Buttons’ seagull friend. And in real life, he hid under the deck of his ship while his wife Anne Bonny and her friend Mary Read fought off the English Navy. He was not a true pirate and Ophiuchus is not a true sign!

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