To Be Faaaaaiiiiirrrr: Which ‘Letterkenny’ Character Are You Based on Your Sign?

Let’s celebrate the new spinoff "Shoresy" by figuring out which Letterkenny citizen we would be based on our zodiac signs.

Jared Keeso, the creator and star of Hulu’s Letterkenny, has brought a new spin-off to the streaming platform called Shoresy. We can’t get enough of Shoresy… and Riley and Jonesy’s moms can’t get enough of him either.

Let’s celebrate Jared Keeso’s latest triumph by figuring out which Letterkenny citizen we would be based on our zodiac signs. Don’t be a degen and forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign.

Just a quick warning, this article contains spoilers. And some of the videos contain explicit language.

Aries – Tanis 


Tanis is the quintessential Aries. She is passionate and driven. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her family and community. And she loves a good fight, especially if she and her crew are fighting the “Hard Right.” So naturally, I had to pair her up with the warrior of the zodiac. Plus she looks awesome in Aries’ power color, red!

Bonus: Coach would probably be an Aries due to his passion and his temper. But the fact that he didn’t make the official list is EMBARRASSING!

Taurus – Gail


Taureans are wholesome hedonists. And if there is one thing that Gailor loves it’s her epicurean delights. Though upon first watch you may not think of her as wholesome. But as you get to know the character, you see that even though she is one of the most lascivious citizens in Letterkenny, she is also one of the most endearing.

Gemini – Riley and Jonesy


Gemini is represented by the twins so I had to pair it with two of Letterkenny’s most lovable doofuses. Riley and Jonesy are two peas in a pod who share many Gemini traits. They are both erratic and insecure. But they are also sympathetic and kind-hearted. They also talk a lot, but then everyone in Letterkenny talks a lot.

Bonus: Jim Dickins would also be a Gemini, due to his fast-talking ways.

Cancer – Squirrely Dan


Squirrely Dan is one of the most thoughtful denizens of Letterkenny. And we probably have Professor Tricia to thank for that. He would be a Cancerian due to his compassionate and intuitive nature. He is also rather eloquent and good at getting his point across. But he can be quite moody when someone disrespects women or adds an “s” at the end of “sushi.”

Leo – Mrs. McMurray


Everyone loves Mrs. McMurray. That’s why she won the anti-beauty pageant. Like the fixed fire sign, she is charming, bombastic, and incredibly flirtatious. She also has a warm heart and a deep devotion to her husband. Despite being a bit of an over-sharer, I can’t think of a single negative Leo trait that she embodies. Only the positive ones.

Virgo – Roald 


Oh Roald, sweet little Roald. Out of all of the degens, he is probably most likable. The mutable earth signs will relate to Roald, because of his timid nature and inability to relax. But they will also relate to his loyalty. He is undyingly loyal to Stewart. Or as Roald would call him, Stooort.

Libra – Bonnie McMurray


I know you are probably wondering why I put Bonnie and Mrs. McMurray on the list, but not McMurray. It’s because there are too many dudes on this list as it is. The folks in Letterkenny are known to have disagreements every now and then, but the one thing they can all agree on is how much they adore Bonnie McMurray. Like a Libra, she is able to keep the peace in Letterkenny just by being herself.

Scorpio – Katy 


Katy is the perfect Scorpio. She sets out for the city to become a model and tries to date Stewart so we know she is adventurous. She is loyal to her brother and gets revenge on his cheating ex. And she is one of the most sensual and sexiest citizens in Letterkenny. And that’s just some of things we appreciates about Miss Katy.

Sagittarius – Glen 


Sagittarians are known for their charitable nature, their sage advice, and their love for the metaphysical. And Pastor Glen fits… some of these aspects… or at least he thinks he does. Sagittarians are also known to be quite entertaining, and Glen fancies himself an entertainer.

Capricorn – Wayne


Is anyone really surprised that I paired Wayne up with Capricorn? I mean, Capricorn is the executive order of the zodiac and he is the toughest, most hardworking man in Letterkenny. He can be very charismatic despite his no-nonsense nature, and he is very protective of his loved ones, especially his sister.

Aquarius – Stewart


Aquarians often feel like outsiders and Stewart’s skid status makes him a bit of an outsider in the town of Letterkenny. Like the fixed air sign, Stewart is reckless, and temperamental, but he can be compassionate when the mood strikes him. He also believes himself to be a wondrous revolutionary. 

Pisces – Darry


Like the mutable water sign, Darry is kind and sensitive. Darry is a sweet-natured soul, though it wouldn’t kill him to change out of his farm clothes every now and then. His kind nature, endearing naïveté, and super soft birthday parties make him the quintessential Pisces. 

Ophiuchus – Ginger and Boots


Nobody likes Ginger and Boots and for very good (alleged) reasons. Nobody likes Ophiuchus because it’s not a real sign!

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