Famous Birth Chart Friday, Julie Andrews, Donald Glover, Olivia Newton-John

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Welcome to Famous Birth Chart Friday!

Right now, we are right at the beginning of Libra season. Libras are air signs that are ruled by Venus. They are known to be diplomatic, trustworthy, and sociable. They are also ambivalent, resentful, and vindictive. Those around you may assume that you are wishy-washy, but in reality you do everything in your power to keep the peace.

Today we are going to be talking about three famous Libras — Julie Andrews, Donald Glover, and Olivia Newton-John. But rather than focusing on just their sun signs, we are going to be discussing their Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs as well. We will also discuss their ascendant signs

Check here to find out if any of your inner planet placements match these three celebs!

Dame Julie Andrews DBE, born on October 1st, 1935, in Walton-On-Thames, United Kingdom


Dame Julie Andrews DBE is Mary Poppins, a singing nun, and the Queen of Genovia! Her solar placement is in the cardinal air sign, Libra. Air signs are known to be the most vocal signs in the zodiac, which is pretty perfect considering the Dame is known for her beautiful voice and iconic roles in musicals. 

Her moon sign is Scorpio. The moon rules our emotions, so the songstress can be quite intense due to this specific placement. But her emotional fortitude must be truly beyond compare. 

Her Mercury placement is also in Scorpio. Mercury rules over our communication, and those with their Mercury in Scorpio can be quite blunt and they don’t like to mince words. They also hate pretension. This placement may be why she sounds so classy when she curses.

Her Venus placement is in Virgo. Venus rules our romantic inclinations and our aesthetic tastes, and those with their Venus sign in Virgo are known to be quite devoted to their partners. And we do know that Dame Julie Andrews was devoted to her husband for 41 years until his death in 2010.

Her Mars placement is in Sagittarius. Mars rules our passion and drive, and those with their Mars sign in Sagittarius are jacks-of-all-trades. They are also non-confrontational. This placement may explain why she was a triple threat, meaning a singer, a dancer, and an actress.

Her ascendant sign is Virgo. Our ascendant signs determine how the rest of the world sees us. This is often called our “first impression” sign. This placement could be the reason why Dame Julie Andrews appears to have a pleasant yet no-nonsense disposition.

As you can see, Dame Julie Andrews DBE has a very well-rounded chart with all of the elements accounted for.

Donald Glover, born on September 25, 1983, on Edwards Air Force Base, California


Donald Glover is a comedian, actor, rapper, singer, writer, director, and producer. People know him for his stand-up and his brilliant role as Troy in Community. The millennials remember him from CollegeHumor and Derrickcomedy. Also, if you remember Derrickcomedy, your knees probably hurt right now. His Libra solar placement may explain his adaptable nature as well as his commitment to social justice as seen in his music video “This is America.”

Since his moon placement is in Taurus, Donald may have “mom-friend” tendencies. He may also be incredibly warm and nurturing to those around him.

His Mercury sign is happy at home in Virgo. This placement may be why he cuts to the chase when speaking.

His Venus placement is in Leo. People with this placement are loyal lovers, but they do need a lot of attention. They also have an eye for bold art. This may explain Glover’s penchant for intense music and lively comedy.

His Mars placement is in Leo, so he may be driven by an intense need to be remembered for his artistic creations. This may be why he wears so many hats in regard to his career.

Like Dame Julie Andrews, his ascendant sign is also in Virgo. People with this placement are detail-oriented and enjoy doing research. Maybe this is why he has written for over thirty projects.

He has an impressive chart, but he lacks any emotional water signs in his personal placements.

Dame Olivia Newton-John AC DBE, born on September 26, 1948, in Cambridge, United Kingdom


I’ve talked about the late, great, lovely Libra before. Her solar Libra placement could explain why she was able to effortlessly bring the adaptable Sandy to the big screen in the film Grease. 

She has a perfect moon placement, because she is a lunar Cancerian. People with this placement are quite affectionate and are ruled by their emotions. Her penchant for wearing her emotions on her sleeve may be why she was such an excellent actress.

Her Mercury placement is in Libra. With this placement, she may have been diplomatic and quite easy to talk to.

Like the Childish Gambino, her Venus placement is also in Leo. So she may have taken the spotlight a lot when it came to her romantic relationships. It would be hard not to steal the spotlight when you’re Olivia Newton-John.

Her Mars placement is happy at home in Scorpio. People with this placement love a good challenge and are always ready to put up a fight. And she did fight cancer for 30 years.

Everyone on this list has an ascendant in Virgo. This may be why she always seemed so down-to-earth.

She was also quite well-rounded since all of the elements were accounted for in her personal placements.

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