Famous Birth Chart Friday: Beyoncé, Emilie Autumn, and Zendaya

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Welcome to Famous Birth Chart Friday!

Right now, we are right smack dab in the middle of Virgo season. Virgos are earth signs that are ruled by Mercury. They are known to be kind, logical, and industrious. They are also timid, anxious, and overly critical. Those around you may assume that you are unable to relax, but in reality you thrive when your mind, body, and spirit are actively engaged. 

Today we are going to be talking about three famous Virgos: Beyoncé, Emilie Autumn, and Zendaya. But rather than focusing on just their sun signs, we are going to be discussing their Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars as well. In the case of one celebrity, we will be talking about her ascendant sign. 

Check here to find out if any of your inner planet placements match these three celebs!

Before reading this article, check out this fun playlist that we made in honor of Beyoncé, who celebrated her 41st birthday just last week.

Beyoncé, born on September 8, 1981, in Houston, Texas


Beyoncé is a hip-hop singer and actress whose sun sign is Virgo. Her solar Virgo placement may be the reason why she is one of the hardest-working singers in show business. Though she is a strong earth sign, her inner planet placements in the three other elements make her a well-rounded individual.

Her moon placement is Scorpio. The moon rules our emotions, so Beyoncé can be quite intense but her emotional fortitude is truly beyond compare. Her Scorpio moon may also explain her sexy and sultry lyrics.

Her Mercury placement is in Libra. Mercury rules our communication, so she may do whatever she can to keep the peace. However, since Libra can be quite a vindictive sign, her Mercury placement may explain the iconic album Lemonade.

Her Venus placement is happy at home in Libra. Venus rules our aesthetic tastes and romantic proclivities, so Beyoncé is quite tender-hearted in matters of love. This may be why she was able to forgive Jay-Z for his indiscretions.

Her Mars placement is in Leo. Mars rules our passion and drive, so she may be driven by an intense need to be remembered for her artistic creations. This may be why she is an ambitious risk-taker with a magnetic personality.


Emilie Autumn, born on September 22, 1979, in Los Angeles, California


Emilie Autumn is a singer, musician, actress, and writer whose sun sign is Virgo. Though she is right on the cusp between Virgo and Libra season, not everyone acknowledges the existence of cusp signs. Her solar Virgo placement may be why she wears so many proverbial hats, where her career is concerned. Though she is a Virgo, she has a stellium in Libra. A stellium is a cluster of three or more planets in one zodiac sign. 

Since her moon placement is in Libra, Emilie may have a strong need for peace. She speaks very openly about her manic depression and maybe her Libra moon explains her desire for mental and emotional balance.

Like Beyoncé, Emilie’s Mercury placement is also in Libra, so she may also do whatever she can to keep the peace. However, having resentful Libra in this placement may explain the vengeful yet empowering anthems “I Know Where You Sleep,” and “Fight Like A Girl.”

Her Venus placement is also at home in Libra, so she is all about eye-catching visual aesthetics. Throughout her impressive career, she has always dressed in outlandish yet stunning outfits. 

Her Mars placement is in Cancer, so she may be considered moody or passive-aggressive. But this may also be why she is so confident in her creative abilities — and why she strives to provide a safe space for those she considers friends. 


Zendaya, born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California


Zendaya is an actress whose sun sign is Virgo. Her solar Virgo placement may explain her impressive film resumè. She has a lot of earth, water, and air in her inner planet placements, but she only has two fire signs in her whole birth chart.

Since her moon placement is in Taurus, Zendaya may have “mom-friend” tendencies. And to the public’s eye, she is incredibly warm and nurturing to those around her.

Not only is everyone on this list a solar Virgo, but they also have their Mercury placements in Libra. Since Zendaya’s Mercury placement is in Libra, she may have the tendency to be a verbal peacekeeper. This may explain why she seems so personable and agreeable.

Her Venus placement is in Cancer, so she may be more affectionate rather than flirtatious. This may be why she is always attentive and throws focus on her co-stars when she is being interviewed with them.

Like Emilie Autumn, Zendaya’s Mars placement is also in Cancer. Because of this placement, she may avoid confrontation to a point. But it can be hard for her to keep her mouth shut or her facial expressions under control when confronted with another person’s ridiculousness.

Zendaya is the only celebrity on this list whose rising sign we could find. Her ascendant sign is Aquarius. Our ascendant signs determine how the rest of the world sees us. This is often called our “first impression” sign. Because of Zendaya’s Aquarius ascendant, people view her as calm and intelligent. This placement may also explain her extensive charity work. 


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