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Welcome to Famous Birth Chart Friday!

Libra season may be over, but we are going to send the season off by discussing three exceptional Libra celebrities! Libras are air signs that are ruled by Venus. They are known to be diplomatic, trustworthy, and sociable. They are also ambivalent, resentful, and vindictive. Those around you may assume that you are wishy-washy, but in reality you do everything in your power to keep the peace.

Today we are going to be talking about three famous Libras, Angela Lansbury, Bruno Mars, and Fran Drescher. But rather than focusing on just their sun signs, we are going to be discussing their Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars as well. We will also discuss their ascendant signs. 

Check here to find out if any of your inner planet placements match these three celebs!

Dame Angela Lansbury DBE, born on October 16, 1925, in London, England


The late, great solar Libra Angela Lansbury was a legend of the stage and screen and will be missed greatly by her fans and colleagues. Air signs are known to be quite vocal, and Angela Lansbury will not only be remembered for her theatrical prowess, but also for her velvety voice and her iconic performances in musicals.

Her moon sign is also in Libra. The moon governs our emotions and lunar Libras have an intense emotional need for peace. Her Libra sun and moon work together to allow her to exude a peaceful energy. Anyone who watched her in Murder, She Wrote, knows what I mean when I say she had a peaceful presence.

Her Mercury sign is also in Libra. Mercury governs our communication. Libra is the sign of justice and diplomacy and Angela Lansbury is quite diplomatic. She actually created roles for her friends on Murder, She Wrote, so that her friends didn’t lose out on their S.A.G. benefits.

Her Venus sign is in Sagittarius. Venus governs our romantic inclinations and aesthetic tastes. People with this placement are known to be adventurous lovers. They are also known to have a great love of travel. This might explain why she eloped with her first husband Richard Cromwell.

Her Mars sign is in, you guessed it, Libra. Mars governs our passion and drive. People with this placement tend to avoid confrontation. They are also known to be sneaky, which may be why she was so good at playing the conniving Princess Gwendolyn in The Court Jester.

Her ascendant sign is in Leo. Our ascendant signs determine how the rest of the world sees us. This placement may explain her theatrical and cinematic prowess. It may also explain why she is remembered as a generous and warm-hearted person.

Bruno Mars, born on October 8, 1985, in Honolulu, Hawaii


Before he was half of the super duo Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars enjoyed quite a lucrative solo career. Because he is a solar Libra, he may be quite a people pleaser which could have inspired his hit song “Grenade.”

His moon sign is in Leo, and it’s a perfect placement for him. Lunar Leos love to entertain and make people smile. And his goofier tunes like “The Lazy Song,” certainly bring smiles to the faces of all who hear it.

Like Angela Lansbury, his Mercury sign is also in Libra. People with this placement are known to be gentle communicators. And he exemplifies this quality with his sweet and sentimental songs “Talking To The Moon,” and “When I Was Your Man.”

His Venus sign is in Virgo. Those who have their Venus sign in Virgo are hopelessly devoted to their partners. Judging by how he has been with his partner since 2011, I can imagine he is pretty devoted.

His Mars sign is also in Virgo. Those who have their Mars sign in Virgo may be a bit scatterbrained but they are also goal oriented. Considering how prolific his songwriting career is, it is safe to say that he is quite goal-oriented.

His ascendant is in Aquarius. Like all Aquarian ascendants, even though he does not come off as particularly warm and fuzzy, he is incredibly likable due to his radical self-expression. Also like all Aquarian ascendants he has an excellent fashion sense.

Fran Drescher, born on September 30, 1957, in Queens, New York


Remember when I said earlier that air signs are vocal? Well, calling Fran Drescher “vocal” would be an understatement, because she will always be known for her witty repartee and iconic voice.

Her moon sign is in Capricorn, so her emotions are strongly tied to her success and ambition. And Fran Drescher is nothing if not ambitious. She created The Nanny and Happily Divorced with her former husband and writing partner Peter Marc Jacobson. She also created six international versions of The Nanny.

Her Mercury sign is in Virgo. People with this placement are detail-oriented and they find it easy to open up to people who they easily connect to. This may be why she is always open and upfront in interviews and very forthcoming in her autobiography Cancer Schmancer. 

Her Venus sign is in Scorpio. If you have your Venus sign in Scorpio, chances are you ooze charm and sex appeal. Which may be why it was so easy for her to play the sexy Ms. Fine in The Nanny. I mean, she does have style and flair.

Like Angela Lansbury, her Mars sign is in Libra. People with this placement hate confrontation and strive for peace. And this describes her to a T, because even her divorce with her husband was so amicable that they continued being friends and writing partners. 

Her ascendant sign is not known at this time.

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