Which Batman Villain Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you the Clown Prince of Crime? Or are you the pun-making Mr. Freeze? Read on to find out which vivacious villain you are!

The Batman has received rave reviews from audiences and critics alike. Let’s celebrate by pairing some of Batman’s most iconic villains with their prospective zodiac signs. Keep reading to find out which Batman villain aligns best with your sign. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign!

Fun fact! Did you know that there was a Batman villain called Madame Zodiac?

Aries – The Joker


Joker is arguably the number one adversary of the caped crusader so naturally, we have to pair him with the first sign in the zodiac. But that is not the only reason they are paired up. Like an Aries, Joker is high-spirited, temperamental, and incredibly reckless. The Clown Prince of Crime would have to be a fire sign.

Taurus – Catwoman


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, aesthetics, and luxury. And as all Catwoman fans know, those are three of the beautiful burglar’s favorite things. Like Catwoman, Taureans have hedonistic tendencies, but they try not to let their hedonism interfere with matters of the heart. I’m sure we can all agree that this pairing is puuurrrrfect.

Gemini – Clayface


Mutable signs are the wild cards of the zodiac. Geminis are mutable signs and because of this, they are known for their adaptability and unpredictability. Does that sound like a certain actor who was transformed into a giant clay monster? As a former actor, Clayface exemplifies Gemini’s communicative and erratic traits. 

Cancer – Harley Quinn


Some call her Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Some call her the Clown Princess of Crime. But today we are calling her a Moon-Child! Harley Quinn embodies many of Cancer’s classic traits. She is moody, unshakeable, and insanely devoted to the people she loves. That being said, let’s all hope she stays with Poison Ivy and never goes back to Joker. 

Leo – Penguin


The Penguin certainly likes to put on airs, doesn’t he? I mean, the guy calls himself “The Gentleman of Crime.” Does that sound like a certain leonine sign that we know? His flamboyant and conceited nature makes him a perfect match for the bombastic Leo. I’m sure the fixed fire sign will love being paired with such a snazzy dresser.

Virgo – Poison Ivy


Of course Poison Ivy would be an earth sign. The Green Goddess would be a Virgo due to her industriousness and pragmatism. One could argue that out of all of the villains on the list, she has one of the purest motivations for crime, since she is just trying to protect the environment and make the world a better place.

Libra – Two Face


Two Face was not always a villain. And maybe there is still a little bit of good left in him. Some could even argue that he tries to balance his good and evil sides, even though he does not really try that hard. His discernment and need for balance are the reasons I paired him up with the cardinal air sign, Libra.

Scorpio – Scarecrow


Scorpio season falls around the scariest time of year. So naturally, I had to pair spooky Scorpio up with the Master of Fear himself, Scarecrow! The anxiety-inducing ex-professor likes to tap into people’s darker emotions, and if any sign understands darker emotions like fear and anxiety, it’s Scorpio.

Sagittarius – The Riddler


Riddle me this! What sign should the enigmatic and inquisitive Riddler be paired with? Sagittarius of course! Edward Nigma would be the perfect Sagittarian due to his quizzical and entertaining nature. Though I will say, he is way more terrifying in the new movie than he is in the comics.

Capricorn – Bane


Like the self-important earth sign, Bane is persistent, persuasive, and solid as a rock. Capricorns are cardinal signs, meaning they make excellent leaders, and in The Dark Knight he is able to amass an army. His ability to hold grudges for many years coupled with his charisma and commanding presence makes him the perfect Capricorn. 

Aquarius – The Ventriloquist 


Aquarians can often be a tad bit standoffish and emotionally restrained. But when pushed to their limits they can be quite temperamental. These traits fit Arnold Wesker to a T. Maybe that is why he has to hide behind his puppet Scarface in order to commit his crimes. He is like the evil version of Jim Henson.

Pisces – Mr. Freeze


Mr. Freeze is driven by the love and empathy he has for his terminally-ill wife. Some fans have argued that this makes him one of the most sympathetic villains in the DC universe. He may be a little cold at times, but his empathy and self-victimization are Piscean traits. Plus only a Pisces could make as many puns as he does.

Ophiuchus – Superman


Batman may think Superman is a supervillain, but he really isn’t. Just like how Ophiuchus isn’t really a zodiac sign.

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