Back to School Guide for the Zodiac Signs

Read on to find out which school subjects the signs would excel at!

School is back in session. I know, I know — some of us are sad that the fun of summer vacation is over. But school can be fun too! You just have to find the right subject that speaks to you and your abilities.

Read on to find out which school subjects the zodiac signs would excel at. 

Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign. You can check your chart here.

Aries – P.E.


Aries are known to be highly energetic, and they often have trouble sitting still for long periods of time. They are also known to be incredibly competitive. So they would probably excel in any sort of physical education class that allows them to be active and driven. Even if you are not a traditionally competitive Aries (I know I’m not, thanks to my Pisces rising,) you may enjoy a P.E. class that allows you to be active in a solitary way, like a dance class.

Taurus – Lunch 


Okay, this might sound like I’m teasing the sweet earth sign a little bit, but I’m truly not. Lunchtime is the perfect time of day for Taurus. As wholesome hedonists, Taureans like to make their meals a pleasurable experience. They can make the best out of whatever meals the school provides for them. Or they bring a delectable meal from home. And since they are such Venus-ruled mom-friends, they enjoy socializing and sharing their food with their friends. 

I would have put Home Economics here, but most schools don’t teach that anymore.

Gemini – English 


Are you really surprised I paired the mutable air sign with English? Gemini is one of the most communicative and poetic signs in the whole zodiac, so they will flourish in any sort of language arts class. They will not only enjoy learning new vocabulary words but also love reading the works of Maya Angelou, the sonnets of Shakespeare, and essays written by some of the greatest minds in literary history. 

Cancer – Art


Cancer is one of the most creative signs in the zodiac, so I had to pair them with art class. They love to think outside of the box. But they also like to learn the basic history and rules of art. Well, they only really like learning the rules of art so that they can break them later. But if their art teachers let their creativity and innovation flow in class, then one day, those same teachers may see their work in a gallery or museum.

Leo – Drama


Whether you’re a drama queen, a drama king, or a drama sovereign, if you have Leo in a prominent place in your chart, chances are you will love theatre!  Taking any sort of drama class will let you stretch your creative muscles, and it will also let your flamboyant and exuberant energy shine. Just like your ruling celestial body, the sun, you’re a star!

Virgo – Math

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Virgos are known for their analytical nature, so they will naturally excel in any mathematical class. Subjects like algebra and geometry may come quite easy to them. If they are particularly ambitious, they may even try their hand at calculus. If you are a Virgo who dislikes math, you may want to join Pisces in music class. Music requires a lot of analysis too.

Libra – History 


Since Libra are the peacekeepers of the zodiac, they like to see the big picture and hear the whole story. So naturally, they will enjoy history class. They will love learning about the reasons behind the decisions of some world leaders as well as the root causes of some of history’s biggest conflicts. Let’s just hope their school teaches correct history, unlike some schools in a certain state.

Scorpio – Recess 


Like I did with Taurus, I feel the need to reassure you that I am not teasing you, Scorpio. Recess is an important time of day for students. Especially for the adventurous and sociable Scorpio. Like Aries, you are incredibly active. But because you are a water sign, you also have an active imagination. So recess is the best time of day to let your imagination run wild.

Sagittarius – Foreign Language


Sagittarians are gifted with an innate sense of wanderlust. They dream about traveling to different places and meeting fascinating people. However, if you want to travel to different countries, it helps to know the language. This is why Sagittarians will get a lot out of their foreign language classes. Most of these classes will teach you not only the language of these countries but also the culture.

Capricorn – Geography


Capricorns are natural-born leaders. But to effectively lead, they must get the lay of the land first. And there is no better class for that than geography. The cardinal earth sign will love reading maps and learning about the different regions and countries. They will also find the geopolitics of our world fascinating. The class may even inspire them to travel.

If you do decide to travel, you should definitely bring Sagittarius along.

Aquarius – Science 


Aquarians often get stereotyped as outsiders. But they are also quite innovative and believed to be technologically inclined. So they will excel in any class where they can apply the scientific method or learn the intricacies of how our world and our universe work. The fixed air sign could also flourish in their school’s robotics club.

Pisces – Music


Pisces is known to be one of the most musically-inclined signs in the zodiac. So they will love any class where they can create beautiful music in harmony with their classmates. If you are a Pisces — or have Pisces in a prominent place in your chart — and instruments are not your thing, you may excel in show choir. You may also enjoy trying out for your school’s musical. Maybe you can act opposite Leo.

Ophiuchus – Homeroom


We all know Homeroom isn’t really a class, just as we know Ophiuchus is not a real zodiac sign.

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