Astrology Meets Tarot: What’s in the Cards for Capricorn?

Did you know that each sign has specific tarot cards assigned to them? Read on to find out which cards represent the enterprising executive of the zodiac!

Every week I pull one card from my grandmother’s tarot deck and write about what that card can mean for each sign. But today I want to focus on one sign in particular. Each zodiac sign has specific tarot cards assigned to them. I don’t mean just one card. Every sign has a specific card for them, their ruling planet, and their element.

But what do these cards mean? Let’s find out.

Today, we are talking about Capricorn. The charismatic sign needs a little attention from our trusty tarot deck. At the beginning of the Sea-Goat season, we listened to a powerful Capricorn playlist. But today, we are going to explore the traits of the cardinal earth a bit more thoroughly by seeing what the cards have in store for our ambitious yet hard-headed sign.

Capricorn is connected to the Devil card. Its ruling planet Saturn is connected to the World card. And its earth element is connected to the Pentacles suit. Let’s dive in a little deeper and see what these cards mean.



Every earth sign is connected to the Pentacles, or Coins, suit, and it is pretty obvious as to why. Pentacles represent stability, practicality, and organization. But the suit can also represent stubbornness and materialism. When a Pentacle pops up in a reading it usually relates to something regarding property, professions, or personal relationships. 

A Pentacle card advises us to lead with our heads rather than our hearts — meaning we should approach certain situations from a logical viewpoint instead of an emotional one. Pentacles symbolize positive attributes such as composure and determination. But on the flip side, they can also symbolize less-desirable traits such as obstinance and materialism.

The Pentacles relate to the no-nonsense nature of Capricorns. When a pentacle card is pulled during a reading, it can mean home life and family matters. But it can also mean hesitation and greed. This is the suit of “common sense”, and it speaks to Capricorn’s exceptional leadership skills. But it also speaks to their arrogant nature.

The World


Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn, and the tarot card for this celestial body is The World. This card belongs to the Major Arcana and it is believed that Major cards hold deeper and more specific meaning. In some decks, The World card depicts a feminine or androgynous figure holding a staff each hand. They are surrounded by a green wreath and the four biblical living creatures. But the depiction may be different depending on the deck you use.

The World card represents all of our wishes and desires coming to fruition. This is the last card in the Major Arcana and can symbolize the end of “The Fool’s Journey.” This card symbolizes expanded horizons and endless possibilities for the querent. When The World pops up in a reading it can mean that you will soon be presented with an exciting opportunity. This opportunity may be one that you have longed for or that is beneficial yet unexpected. This card also warns you against sacrificing your dreams for the dreams of others. Travel is a big theme as well. 

Saturn governs our determination and our motivation, and since it rules over Capricorn, it only makes sense that the self-disciplined Sea-Goat exemplifies these traits. The World card relates to Capricorn’s aspirations for success and power. But it can also speak to Capricorn’s inability to let go of other people’s expectations. 

The Devil


The tarot card for Capricorn is The Devil. But don’t freak out! The Devil card does not represent evil or anything regarding an actual devil.

The Devil is the fifteenth card in the Major Arcana. In some decks it depicts a stereotypical devil figure with horns and bat wings, holding a fiery torch and standing between a masculine and feminine figure. These figures can be depicted as humans or as demons and are almost always bound in chains. But the depiction may vary from deck to deck. 

The Devil card represents pent-up power and the frustration and resentment one feels when they lack the opportunity to use it. This card can also represent an adversary, meaning a person or a situation that is standing in your way. The Devil card encourages you to free the power and the passion that are trapped inside of you. But it also warns that the querent may very well be the person standing in their own way. Another meaning that can be gleaned from this card is the love for material possessions and earthly delights. 

The Devil card relates to Capricorn’s ambitious yet acrimonious nature. This card represents their unrecognized strength and capability. It could symbolize their desire for a material reward for their success. However, it can also represent their bitterness and their uncanny ability to hold a grudge. 

I know it may feel weird to be the zodiac sign saddled with a card with oft-maligned imagery. But consider this: The Devil is often depicted with a goat’s head and your sign is represented by a Sea-Goat. So at least your card fits your aesthetic. Also, I have no idea what a sea-goat is.   

There you have it, Capricorn!

We have a powerful tarot spread for the zodiac’s enterprising executive. Whenever these cards pop up in your reading, know that they may have an extra special message for you. If a Pentacle is pulled, know that you must approach an important decision with logic rather than emotion. If the World card is pulled, know that an opportunity is on the horizon. And if the Devil card is pulled, know that it represents your untapped potential.

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