Astrology 101: What Does Our Descendent Sign Say About Us?

Read on to find out what our descendant sign says about us!

Yesterday we talked about our solar opposites. To recap, these signs are complementary elements but share the same modality. They are usually opposite one another on the zodiac wheel. These signs aren’t exactly compatible because they are opposites in many ways. 

In my last article, I talked about what we can learn from our opposite solar sign. But today, we are going to discuss what we can learn about ourselves from our opposite ascendant sign, also known as our descendant sign. If our solar opposites reveal the important lessons we should learn, then our descendant signs reveal what we subconsciously seek out in a romantic partner. Yep! I tricked you into reading another compatibility article! Ha!

Our ascendant is the sign that was on the eastern horizon at the moment of our birth, and our descendant is the sign that was on the western horizon. I have mentioned before that our ascendant sign is the first impression that we give off. It is how we wish the world to view us. So if our descendant is the opposite of our ascendant, then those are the traits we don’t wish to embody. And if we do have a tendency to embody some of these traits, we push them down within ourselves or reject them. 

But What Does This Have to do With Romantic Compatibility?

I am so glad you asked! The interesting thing about all of this is that the traits we reject within ourselves are the traits we may subconsciously seek out in a romantic partner. For example, I’m a Pisces ascendant, so I embrace my creativity, and I’m proud to call myself an empathetic person. But with a Virgo descendant, I can be over-critical of myself and have a secret desire for stability and security. So I seek out a partner who may push me (a bit too hard) to be my best self and will bring me a much-needed sense of security. Finding your descendant sign can also help you with shadow work.

Read on to find out what you seek out in a partner based on your descendant sign. And if you don’t know your ascendant, you can check here. You will need to know your birth time to find out your ascendant.

Aries Rising / Libra Descendant 


Aries ascendants like to present themselves as competitive and extremely independent. They also believe themselves to be brave, mainly because they simply avoid the things that scare them. But a Libra partner teaches them that it is okay to seek out help from others. They also teach them that the best way to overcome their fears is to face them head-on.

Taurus Rising / Scorpio Descendant 


On the surface, Taureans may be attracted to Scorpios because they connect on a sensual level. But the stable Taurus hates surprises, and secrets make them uncomfortable. A Scorpio partner will add a dose of healthy unpredictability to their life. A Scorpio will teach them to trust their own inner self and allow them to unlock the mysteries inside themselves.

Gemini Rising / Sagittarius Descendant 


Gemini ascendants present themselves as fun and sociable. They tend to be a bit erratic because they think it’s exciting to fly by the seat of their pants. Sagittarians will be able to connect with them on an intellectual level. They will also encourage them to make hard decisions without caging their free spirit.

Cancer Rising / Capricorn Descendant 


Cancer ascendants present themselves as sensitive and nurturing. They sometimes have a hard time embracing their trailblazing cardinal modality. That’s where Capricorn descendant comes in! Capricorn will inspire their ambition and make them realize they are far more capable than they realize.

Leo Rising / Aquarius Descendant


Leos often get shoehorned into being overly bombastic and theatrical. But we mustn’t forget how generous and warm-hearted they are. They are quite sociable, so it may be strange to think that they subconsciously seek out the aloof Aquarius. But Aquarians allow them to embrace and indulge in their own hidden eccentricities.

Virgo Rising / Pisces Descendant 


Virgo ascendants are incredibly organized and stable. They are perfectionists who love to help everyone around them. But who helps the helper? Enter Pisces, the free spirit! Pisces can help the timid Virgo break out of their shell. They can also teach them that they don’t have to always strive for perfection.

Libra Rising / Aries Descendant 


Libra likes to balance the scales, so they are the quintessential people pleasers. Their ideal scenario is one where everybody wins. But in this pursuit they often neglect their own happiness. Aries teaches them that it is okay to look out for their own happiness every once in a while. 

Scorpio Rising / Taurus Descendant 


Scorpio ascendants thrive off of being seen as mysterious and emotionally intense. But even the most emotionally intense sign in the zodiac wants to feel physically safe, and that is where stable Taurus comes in. Taurus will teach them that they don’t have to try to be so intimidating all the time. Plus, these signs are totally sensually compatible.

Sagittarius Rising / Gemini Descendant 

Though Sagittarius ascendants can be entertaining, they tend to be more philosophical rather than personable. Sometimes it is hard for them to connect with people even if they want to. Geminis can help introduce them to a wider social circle and help them get out of their own heads.

Capricorn Rising/ Cancer Descendant 


Capricorn ascendants like to present themselves as ambitious and hard working. Their emotions often get pushed to the wayside in pursuit of success. Cancerians can help them open up and get in touch with their emotions that they try so hard to bottle up.

Aquarius Rising / Leo Descendant 


Aquarius ascendants like to present themselves as a little bit eccentric. They don’t care if people think they are weird because they like the idea of being detached. But being the compassionate revolutionaries that they are, they secretly crave camaraderie and revelry. And who better to give them that than charming Leo. Leo will help them open up to people and break from their standoffish ways.

Pisces Rising / Virgo Descendant 


As I said earlier, Pisces ascendants pride themselves  on their creativity and empathy. They are also shameless escapists. They present themselves as people who hate boundaries, but in reality they crave a sense of safety and stability. And that’s where pragmatic and protective Virgo comes in. They will help Pisces feel safe without feeling stifled.

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