Astrological Forecast for November


Here is our astrological forecast for November! Jupiter is moving direct out of retrograde! Click here to learn more about retrogrades, and follow this link to learn more about aspects and transits.

November 1st-5th


Venus is Opposite Uranus

Under this opposition, we may come to the realization that a rocky relationship has run its course. And that is okay because these planets are working together to get us back into the dating scene. Let yourself be open to new romantic experiences! But be careful this opposition can bring out our stubborn and temperamental side. 

November 6th-12th


Venus Is Square Saturn

Under this opposition, we may get our hopes up and our hearts broken. Our own negative emotions such as grief, jealousy, or apathy can cause us to grow distant from our family and our loved ones. This distance can increase feelings of depression and dissatisfaction. It is important to take time to sit with our emotions before discussing them with those who are closest to us. Open and honest communication is the key to your disillusionment.

The Sun Is Conjunct Mercury

Under this conjunction, we have great mental energy. We find it is easier to concentrate and recall important details. At this time, we have an intense appreciation for art and the written word. If you find yourself overcome with inspiration, try writing a poem or some prose.

Mercury Is Opposite Uranus

Under this opposition, we may feel anxious, erratic, and irritable. This can cause us to rush certain projects and become inconsistent in our personal and professional lives. We may also feel insecure with our romantic partners. It is important to avoid stimulants at this time.

The Sun Is Opposite Uranus

Under this opposition, we are overwhelmed with anxiety and irritability. We may also feel particularly stubborn when confronted with conflict. This aspect can cause us to be impatient and extra demanding of our romantic and platonic relationships. This irritation may cause rifts with our loved ones. A little isolation may help you at this time. Take a step back and collect your thoughts and emotions before acting impulsively.

Mercury Is Square Saturn 

This square can cause us to become stingy, jealous, and argumentative. We may feel like failures or disappointments to our family. Work projects may be delayed. It is important that we stay on our employer’s good side. 

Venus Is Trine Neptune

Under this inspired trine, we are attuned to our emotions. It is easier to express our feelings than it was before. We feel an intense desire to surround ourselves with love and beautiful art. We crave the more extraordinary parts of life while shunning anything that we consider ordinary.

The Sun Is Square Saturn

At this time, we may feel timid and hesitant under this square. We may try to hide any fears or anxieties under the guise of highly contrived self-confidence. We may feel the need to “fake it until we make it,” and push ourselves too hard to persevere and succeed. Be kind to yourself. You are human, not a machine. Overworking yourself could create more obstacles and stress. In times like this, an authoritative masculine figure may be able to provide guidance.

Mercury Is Trine Neptune

Under this transit, we are overwhelmed with imagination and feel inspired to create. Mercury governs our communication and Neptune rules our dreams. When they both reside in water signs, we feel inspired to manifest our dreams and fantasies through the art of the written word. Now is a wonderful time to keep a journal or write poetry.

November 13th-19th


Venus Is Sextile Pluto

At this time, we feel particularly passionate and successful. We feel open-minded and attracted. We are eager to meet new people. 

Mercury Is Sextile Pluto

We may feel existential and introspective under this aspect. Now is a good time to deal with finances. It is also a good time to free yourself from negative forces and focus on the positive.

The Sun Is Trine Neptune

Under this trine, our feelings continue to be re-energized. We experience visceral sensations at this time. Our artistic and metaphysical instincts are sharp. We are drawn to the more magical and mystical aspects of life. We have a need to manifest our dreams. Indulging in our creativity is a wonderful way to send our desires out into the universe. Before you write a poem, paint a masterpiece, or choreograph a beautiful dance, be sure to set your spiritual intentions.

Venus Is Trine Jupiter

These planets are working together to intensify our amiability and idealism. We appreciate our creature comforts at this time. This constellation may have us entertaining the idea of marriage or a new relationship.

Venus Is In Sagittarius

Under this transit, we feel inspired to become who we have always wanted to be. We feel smart, confident, and optimistic. We are attracted to certain philosophical and spiritual ideas. Now is a good time to travel to peaceful and remote locations. We are shamelessly flirtatious and crave romantic connection. Though we may find ourselves in short-lived entanglements rather than long-term relationships.

Mercury Is Trine Jupiter

Under this trine, we have an optimistic outlook on life. We are courteous with our words and have a strong desire to socialize and be a positive influence on the lives around us. Let your positive speech inspire others today. Be the reason someone smiles.

Mercury Is In Sagittarius

At this time, we are quick and precise with our speech. We are particularly interested in studying philosophy and spirituality. We desire freedom and independence above all else.

The Sun Is Sextile Pluto

Under this sextile, these celestial bodies are working hard to increase our energy and social standing. At this time we may feel particularly lively and popular. Our happy outlook on life can lead to personal and professional success. This optimism can also have a positive influence on those around us. We are happy to share our good fortune with others. 

Mars Is Square Neptune

This square can give us a great imagination, but it can also plague us with negative thoughts. We may overthink and succumb to extreme ideals. We could become overwhelmed with a sexual desire that we cannot satisfy. It is important not to “overdo it” at this time.

November 20th-26th


The Sun Is Trine Jupiter

This trine is endowing us with vitality and a general sense of well-being. This aspect is enhancing our personal success and, more importantly, our social consciousness. You may feel more fortunate than usual. Use that good fortune to help others when the opportunity presents itself.

Mercury Is Conjunct Venus

Under this conjunction, we are sociable and polite. We cheerfully adapt to the needs of others and help them in any way we can. We feel inspired and imaginative. Now is a good time to go on dates.

Sun Is In Sagittarius

The sun governs our energy and vitality. And when it is in Sagittarius, we feel philosophical and introspective. We strive to expand our minds and worldview through study of the metaphysical and traveling to new places.

Jupiter Stations Direct

When Jupiter, the planet of luck, stations direct, we will experience good fortune in regards to our career, finances, and committed relationship.

November 27th-30th


Mars Is Trine Saturn

Under this trine, we are rational, energetic, and enthusiastic. We are successful and ready to take decisive action.

Mercury Is Opposite Mars

At this time, we may be energetic but we are also obstinate. We may be a bit too blunt and hurtful with our words. At this time we are not very sincere or self-aware. We may feel superior to others and fight the urge to show off.

Mercury Is Sextile Saturn

Under this sextile, we are hardworking and meticulous. We are able to accomplish our tasks in careful and concise ways. We tend to ignore frivolous distractions and concentrate on the task at hand. Now is a great time to set our intentions and tackle our goals in a calm, methodical manner. Logic and diligence will bring success.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.

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