Astrological Forecast for January

Read on to find out what December has in store for you!

Here is our astrological forecast for January! The sun is moving into Aquarius. Mercury, Mars, and Uranus station direct! Click here to learn more about retrogrades, and follow this link to learn more about aspects and transits.

January 1st-7th


Mercury is Sextile Neptune

This sextile gives us pure mental clarity. These planets inspire our creativity and whimsical endeavors. With these two celestial bodies working together in harmony, our imagination knows no bounds. We have a great appreciation and desire for art and the written word. Now is an ideal time to go to a museum, paint a portrait, or dabble in poetry. This innovative sextile will last for one day.

Venus is in Aquarius

Venus rules our devotion and romantic interests. When it resides in Aquarius, we desire peace and societal reform. We tend to see our innovative and idealistic romantic partners.

Venus Is Sextile Jupiter

Under this sextile, we love and are loved by everyone around us. We are very sociable and experience a great deal of personal success. If you have been considering taking the next step in your relationship with your significant other, now is a wonderful time to communicate that with them. 

Sun is Trine Uranus

Under this trine, we feel confident, ambitious, and high-spirited. We embrace progressive ideals and reject traditional values. We may also feel romantically connected to someone. Now is a good time to try new experiences.

The Sun Is Conjunct Mercury

Under this conjunction, we have great mental energy. We find it is easier to concentrate and recall important details. At this time, we have an intense appreciation for art and the written word. If you find yourself overcome with inspiration, try writing a poem or some prose.

January 8th-14th


Mercury is Trine Uranus

When these earth signs work together, ideas sprout from our heads like daisies! At this time, we effortlessly develop a rapport with those around us. We also find creative solutions to any issues that plague us. At this time, we excel when we take the lead on a project at work.

Venus Is Trine Mars

Now is the time for passion, shameless flirtation, and romance. Under this trine, we are open to meeting new people. If in a relationship, our emotional and physical connection with our partner greatly intensifies. We may also have more luxurious tastes and be a little frivolous with our spending.

Mars Stations Direct

Mars governs our passions and drive. And when it stations direct it allows us to confront our innermost desires. It also allows us to be vulnerable with others.

The Sun Is Sextile Neptune 

Under this sextile, we are ruled by feeling and sensation. We do not just appreciate art and beauty in the superficial sense, we search for a deeper meaning in it all. At this time, we might be drawn to spiritual and mystical studies to gain a more intense understanding of the world around us.

Venus Is Square Uranus

Under this square, we have romantic feelings but those feelings are tinged with more negative emotions. There is a lot of passion in this transit. At this time, we crave independence as much as we crave romance. These dueling desires can cause heartbreak and loneliness. If you must indulge in these proclivities, a safe, (emphasis on “safe”) and casual fling may be just the thing you need.

January 15th-21st


The Sun is Conjunct Pluto

Under this transit, we feel more confident than ever. We may feel particularly confident and passionate about our artistic abilities. Now is a good time to banish toxic influences from our life. It is also a good time for home improvement as well as self-improvement. Children may feel more exhausted at this time. 

Mercury Goes Direct

Under this transit, our communication is clear and precise. Thanks to our enhanced communication skills, we are able to understand the emotions and mentality of our loved ones more easily. Our friendships and partnerships feel strengthened. We are gaining awareness and perspective. Like Mercury, we are being set right on our path.

The Sun is in Aquarius

The sun governs our energy and vitality. And when it resides in Aquarius, our thoughts are progressive and revolutionary. We are innovative and feel compassionate towards our fellow man. But we also have the tendency to isolate ourselves.

January 22nd-28th


Venus is Conjunct Saturn

Under this conjunction, we may take things a bit too personally. We may also need some extra emotional support from our loved ones. We are blessed with sound judgment, but this discernment can make you feel inhibited when it comes to matters of the heart.

Uranus Stations Direct

Uranus governs our ingenuity and innovation. When it moves direct, any ideas or feelings that we have been suppressing may erupt from us like a volcano. We may be inspired yet disturbed am by some of these revelations.

The Sun Is Sextile Jupiter

This sextile is an ideal aspect. When these planets work in tandem, it allows us to become a beacon of healthy positivity for our loved ones. Under this placement, it is okay to take a step back and revel in your professional success. You have been diligent with your tasks and projects, both professional and personal. Now is a good time to take a moment and just be proud of yourself. If you do not take time to reflect on your own positive attributes and achievements, you may burn yourself out.

Venus is in Pisces

As I stated earlier, Venus rules our devotion and romantic interests. When it resides in Pisces, we feel more affectionate and compassionate. We are enthusiastic when it comes to our sensuality. We also have a great appreciation for artistic expression at this time.

January 29th-31st


The Sun Is Trine Mars

Under this trine, we feel confident and responsible. We feel inclined to take accountability for ourselves. Now is a great time to join a gym or start a new exercise regimen.

Mercury is Trine Uranus

Mercury forms a trine with Uranus for the second time this month. At this time, we effortlessly develop a rapport with those around us. We also find creative solutions to any issues that plague us. At this time, we excel when we take the lead on a project at work.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.

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