A Torrid Playlist for Taurus

Let's kick off Taurus season with a playlist full of sexy, silly, and sultry songs!

Taurus season is finally here! And what better way to celebrate the wholesome hedonist than with a playlist full of sultry and slightly humorous songs?

Also, my editor’s birthday was last friday, so I put two of her favorite songs on the list! [Editor’s note: 😘]

The Bullpen


Written and performed by Dessa.

We are starting this playlist off with an upbeat song that will get every Taurean heart pounding. Though she just missed the cutoff to be a Taurus, the singer Dessa embodies the fixed earth signs with lyrics like “forget the bull in the china shop, there’s a china doll in the bullpen,” and “‘cause I found this here ladder, now your ceilings don’t matter, check me out now I got glass floors.” And though Dessa is a Gemini, her mars sign is Taurus, so she has got a little Taurean energy in her.

Cherry Pie


Written and performed by Katzenjammer. Co-written by Mike Hartung.

I would put a Katzenjammer song in every playlist if I could! Maybe I will write a zodiac playlist consisting only of Katzenjammer songs one day. This song is perfect for the happy, hedonistic homemaker! It tells the story of the singer’s grandmother who used this sweet cherry pie recipe to win contests and the heart of her grandfather. Listen to this song when you are cooking up something yummy. The fun music will make you dance around the kitchen.

And yes, I do know that there is another Cherry Pie song that would be perfect for Taureans. But I like this song better!



Written and performed by The Presidents Of The United States

On the first listen, this song sounds like a simple little ditty, but then it transforms into a fun alternative rock song with good-natured yet flirtatious double meanings. This makes it an ideal summer anthem for earthy Taurus. Though Tauruses are well known for their dedication and tenacity, this song can speak to their tendency towards harmless hedonism.



Written and performed by Meredith Brooks. Co-written by Shelly Peiken.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Taureans are hard-headed control freaks who will stop at nothing to get their way. And guess what? We know we wouldn’t want it any other way! Taureans are proud of their obstinance. We may call them stubborn but they see their tenacity as strength. They are one of the strongest signs in the zodiac, and if they have to act a little bi… witchy sometimes, then so be it. Listen to this song, Taurus, when you need to remind those around you who they are dealing with. Do not feel ashamed!



Written and performed by Tenacious D.

So…this was not the Tenacious D song that I wanted to put on this list. This was the song I wanted to put on this list. But there is no clean version of the title, so we are going with my second Tenacious D pick. Taureans value three things, family, food, and… intimacy. And this song has two of those three things. If you are listening to this song and not really paying attention to the lyrics, then you may think it’s just a silly little song about sausages. But an earthly Taurus knows what the song is really about and they appreciate the double entendre.

Violets For Roses


 Written and performed by Lana Del Ray.

If there is one thing that a Taurus cannot live without, it is their creature comforts. As fixed signs, they are very set in their ways. They know what makes them happy, and they refuse to forgo their excellent taste just to appease someone else. That is why this song about a girl who refuses to give up the things that make her little heart happy will speak to Taureans on a spiritual level. Also, Lana Del Ray’s Venus sign is Taurus, so she understands the importance of comfort and good taste.

Banana Pancakes 


Written and performed by Jack Johnson.

There are a lot of songs on this playlist with sexy themes. But let’s not forget Taureans have a softer side. Some days they just want to curl up with their loved ones and creature comforts and pretend like it’s the weekend. Listen to this song by Taurean singer Jack Johnson when you want to feel cozy and snuggly.



Written and performed by Lizzo. Co-written by Eric Frederic, Theron Thomas, Sam Sumser, and Sean Small.

Two Taurean singers in a row! Yep, the iconic Lizzo is a fixed earth sign and this song has so much Taurean energy. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of taste and aesthetics, so the fixed earth sign will adore this empowering song. With lyrics like “I’m like Chardonnay, I get better over time,” Taureans will be feeling themselves on the dance floor.

Sex and Candy 


Written and performed by Marcy Playground.

As previously stated, Taurus is ruled by Venus. But Venus is not only the planet of taste and aesthetics, it is also the planet of adoration and intimacy. And this song is oozing with sensuality and dark sultry vibes. Scorpio gets a lot of credit for being one of the sexiest signs in the zodiac, but let’s not forget Taurus. This song will make them want to cast devious stares in the direction of whomever they choose to seduce.

I Need Some Fine Wine and You to Be Nicer


Written and performed by The Cardigans. Co-written by Nathan Larson.

The one thing that you have to love about Taureans is that they will always tell you exactly what they need in a relationship. And though they can be very sweet in their communication, they can also be extremely blunt. So tell your loved ones exactly what you need in a loud, unapologetic voice, Taurus, and then blast this song over the radio.

Slow Burn


Written and performed by Kacey Musgraves. Co-written by Ian Fitchuk and Daniel Tashian.

I know what you’re thinking, “shouldn’t a song with this title be reserved for a fire sign?” Well not quite. This sweet, slow song speaks to Taurus’ desire to do everything their way. But it also speaks to the earth sign’s unyielding patience. This is the perfect song to listen to when you want to de-stress and take some time to smell the roses. 



Written and performed by Doja Cat. Co-written by Antwoine Collins, David Sprecher, Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, Jonathan Smith, Michael Tyler, Bobby Sandimanie, and Craig Lawson.

What can I say about this song that the lyrics don’t already say for themselves? I feel like this song perfectly encapsulates all the points I made earlier in this article. This song will speak to Taurus’ strength, tenacity, sensuality, sense of humor, and love of delectable food. 


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