A Powerful Playlist of Fight Songs for the Zodiac

This playlist is radical!

Hello, my dear readers. Have you been feeling particularly angry lately? Wouldn’t you love to listen to a zodiac playlist of empowering songs while blowing off some steam? Maybe you could listen to these songs while trying to organize your thoughts… or possibly a protest. I compiled a list of fight songs for the zodiac signs that will hopefully empower them and inspire them to hold on to their hope and fighting spirit. 

Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign!

Aries – Fight Song


Written and performed by Rachel Platten.

I have said before that Aries are secretly the biggest cry-babies in the zodiac, which is why their fight song had to be just as emotional as it was empowering. This song is the perfect fight song (I mean, it is literally called “Fight Song”) for the warrior with a tough skin, a soft heart, and fire in their bones. The melody helps to ease the restless Aries, while the lyrics reinvigorate your passion for life and desire to fight for what you know is right. You may only have one match but you can make an explosion. 

Taurus – B*tch


Written and performed by Meredith Brooks. Co-written by Shelly Peiken.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Taureans are hard-headed control freaks who will stop at nothing to get their way. And guess what? We know we wouldn’t want it any other way! Taureans are proud of their obstinance. We may call them stubborn but they see their tenacity as strength. They are one of the strongest signs in the zodiac, and if they have to act a little bi… witchy sometimes, then so be it. Listen to this song, Taurus, when you need to remind those around you who they are dealing with. Do not feel ashamed!

Gemini – abcdefu


Written by Taylor Rutherford, Sara Davis, and David Pittenger. Performed by Gayle.

Gemini, you are one of the most eloquent, poetic signs in the zodiac. There are not many things that the air sign appreciates more than the written word. Which is just one of the reasons why they will love this powerful song about… the alphabet. As poetic as the mutable sign can be, I think they will appreciate the blunt, straightforward lyrics as well the clever wordplay. 

Cancer – Independence Day


Written by Gretchen Peters. Performed by Martina McBride.

Did you know that America is a Cancerian? Technically speaking, if July 4th is America’s birthday, then the good ole U.S. of A is a moon child. It was also born in the year of the monkey according to Chinese astrology. Because of the cardinal water’s sign affiliation with Independence Day, it seemed appropriate to pair it with Martina McBride’s song that tells the story of a woman getting revenge on the man who hurt her. 

Leo – I Am Woman


Written and performed by Helen Reddy. Co-written by Ray Burton.

Leos are represented by the lion and what do lions do? They roar! So they will love this classic song that radiates strength and empowerment. The fixed fire sign can listen to this song when they need to remind themselves that they are strong and invincible. You can bend, but no one will ever break you. You are Leo, hear you roar!    

Virgo – Just A Girl


Written and performed by No Doubt. 

Virgos are known to be one of the most helpful signs in the zodiac. But they can’t help everybody all of the time and the world should not force them to hold everybody’s hand. Because of this, I have “no doubt” (see what I did there?) that Virgos will love and appreciate this song. I am sure they have had it up to here with people underestimating them and taking advantage of them.

Libra – Free To Decide


Written and performed by The Cranberries.

Content Warning: This song references suicide.

Libras sometimes feel ambivalent because they feel like they can’t make certain decisions — and that is why this song will resonate so heavily with them. This song was written in 1996, but I have a feeling that the poignant lyrics will resonate with listeners today.

Scorpio – Fight Like A Girl


Written and performed by Emilie Autumn.

Not to stereotype but I have a feeling that a lot of Scorpios know the gothic chanteuse, Emilie Autumn. So I have a feeling that they will appreciate getting paired with one of the singer’s most iconic songs. The fixed water sign is known to be one of the most vengeful signs in the zodiac, so they will appreciate lyrics like “I’ll get my revenge on the world.” Listen to this song when you feel the need to fight the injustice in the world.

Sagittarius – Not Ready To Make Nice


Written and performed by The Chicks. Co-written by Dan Wilson.

Sagittarians can be quite introspective and charitable. But that does not mean that they will be the first to apologize, especially when they are not in the wrong. And that is why I had to pair them up with this unapologetic song written by the outcasts of the country genre, The Chicks. The mutable fire sign knows that you cannot always be nice to people who want to oppress you, so they will love this song.

Capricorn – Q.U.E.E.N.


Written and performed by Janelle Monáe, featuring Eryka Badu. Co-written by Kellis Parker Jr., Roman GianArthur Irvin, Nathaniel Irvin III, Charles Joseph II.

Capricorn, you have great leadership skills and immeasurable willpower, and that is why this song is perfect for you. This is a song about empowering marginalized people and giving them the strength to rule over their own lives and futures, no matter who or what stands in their way. You are a natural-born leader and this song is your fight song. Don’t let them cut you down.

 Aquarius – Rebel Girl


Written and performed by Bikini Kill.

Aquarians are nothing if not revolutionary and this song encompasses that extreme spirit perfectly. Lyrics like “when she talks, I hear the revolution,” will resonate with the fixed air sign and they will want to scream the chorus at the top of their lungs. Aquarians can listen to this song when they need a reminder of just how awesome they are and when they feel compelled to lead the rebellion!

Pisces – F You


Written and performed by Lily Allen. Co-written by Greg Kurstin. 

Pisces are known to be quite sweet and sensitive. But have you ever seen a Pisces get angry? An angry Pisces can make an Aries quake in their boots because they will tell you off and curse you out with a sickeningly sweet smile on their face. And that is why they absolutely adore this iconic Lily Allen hit. Can’t you just imagine them prancing around in a retro outfit singing this song to any pompous control freak who dares to tell them what to do? 

Ophiuchus – You Don’t Own Me


Written by David White and John Medora. Performed by Lesley Gore.

Ophiuchus is not a real sign, but in light of everything they deserve a fight song too!

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